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yamaha rxv585 review

The RX-V585 is the second of the two 7.2 channels AV receiver in the RX-V family and packs 80 watts of power per channel, comes with support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, uses the simplest version of Yamaha’s YPAO calibration system and comes with a lot of extras that include High Resolution Audio, Virtual DSP, MusicCast and Airplay 2 for online streaming, ability to connect wireless speakers and support for voice control among many more that we will talk about shortly. I currently use old NAD T760 I bought 19 years ago and still running good, maybe Yamaha will sound different from NAD, I wish the Yamaha can satisfy me. The RX-V585 is considered a lower tier AV receiver so in general the connectivity options are few and far between. Personally, for me, the RX-V585 is like the ideal, perfect, couldn’t-be-better thing for my quite roomy living room. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, While the design of the Yamaha RX-V585 is busier and not quite as neat as its competitors – three strips of control buttons and split at the midriff with its upper half plastic and brushed metal below – the build and engineering are without fault. The Airplay 2 app is available in the Apple store for you to download. Being able to discern the various instruments through the sound stage showed how good imaging we could get while even during demanding rhythms everything was kept in control. I have a small question for you. Leaving the amp playing for another couple of days does little to relieve the issue and, though it’s by no means excruciating, our ears tire quickly because of this tough edge to notes. Yamaha is always careful on what kind of hardware they are using even in their more budget friendly units and this shows here also. Yamaha knows it’s craft and this shows here to be honest. This means that the front face is split into two parts with the upper part featuring a glossy surface that is very fingerprint magnet and includes the functions display in a central position while a single row of small circular buttons is placed underneath it. The mix in the Lord of the Ring is the kind that doesn’t rely too much on the surrounds but rather uses them in a masterful way in order to portray each scene as it wants and the RX-V585 made sure to give us an amazing performance for such a low cost unit. Other than the simpler YPAO version everything else have been included here also. And with 80 theoretical watts this should be a normal in this category. For people like us who do not have a huge space and just need a basic 7-channels AV receiver at the most reasonable price point possible, the Yamaha RX-V585 seems like a great option. But Cinema DSP is not only capable of simulating various spaces. On the far right a single small button allow you to enable direct mode while on the far left we get the power button and YPAO microphone port. If you need any further assistance don’t hesitate to write us again. When it comes to the extra features this unit comes with we are pleased to see that Yamaha has kept almost everything that was included in the higher tier RX-V685. Cinema DSP 3D comes with 17 different programs to choose from. What Hi-Fi? We play Passengers, and the Yamaha translates both the open abyss of outer space and the crashing intensity of a failing ship with well-controlled power. The amp lets itself down with seriously hard edges to the overall sound. While the design of the Yamaha RX-V585 is busier and not quite as neat as its competitors – three strips of control buttons and split at the midriff with its upper half plastic and brushed metal below – the build and engineering are without fault. You also have the ability to use Apple’s Siri voice control through the Airplay 2 app in your mobile device. Recently we had the chance to review the top model in the RX-V series so today we are pleased to present you with our Yamaha RX-V585review which will focus on the second in line model after the RX-V685. We have mentioned that the RX-V585 is a minor upgrade compared to the 2017 model but one completely new feature we do get is support for wireless speakers. But before we begin our review let’s take a quick look on what this offering for Yamaha has to give us. With only 4 HDMI inputs at the back and none at the front this number may not cut it for many modern home theater systems. Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Keep in mind that this unit is not only capable at streaming music through a USB port as it can also read the music files you may have stored in your local network drive or a NAS server. The film provides excellent material if you want to test a lot of panning effects as even from the beginning as the camera pans through the universe you can sense audio traveling across the channels. New Heights in Sound Thankyou for the review, I just bought RX-V585 and still on it’s way to my home, I hope from what I read here are not far from I expect. Lastly the remote is the same as last year and unfortunately we don’t get the new redesigned one we saw in the RX-V685 while we do miss a backlight function that have proved to be such a practical feature.

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