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why is sodium a better conductor than phosphorus

When you eat foods that have phosphorus in them, most of the phosphorus goes into your blood. Other than white and red phosphorus, there is another type, known as black phosphorus and it has a structure similar to graphite. Phosphate is the common inorganic form of phosphorus, which is present in the natural environment. Electricity is a steady flow of electrons or electrically charged particles through a substance. Update: It is an AS/A level question. 11M.2.sl.TZ1.5d: Samples of sodium oxide and sulfur trioxide are added to separate beakers of water. (iii) Explain why phosphorus is a non-conductor of electricity. Phosphorus is a mineral that's found naturally in many foods and also added to many processed foods. ... Write a chemical equation for the reaction between phosphorus(V) oxide and aqueous sodium hydroxide..... [2] 5 LES 2019 06204219 [Turn over (d) Phosphine has the formula PH 3. Phosphate. 11M.2.sl.TZ1.5a.ii: Explain why the first ionization energy of magnesium is higher than that of sodium. 1 2 3. Top Answer. I'm confused. a) Explain why the metals magnesium and aluminium are good conductors of electricity b) Other than cost, give two reasons why aluminium is used for making electric cables while magnesium is not. To understand why salt water conducts electricity, we have to first understand what electricity is. well YES. Phosphorus fertilisers are available in several forms, all based on rock phosphate. What foods contain phosphorus? In some conductors, such as copper, the electrons themselves are able to … Answer. Colin. They exist as deposits/ rocks and these are mined to get required phosphorous. Superphosphate (9% P) This is produced by treating rock phosphate with sulfuric acid, and is the most commonly used phosphorus fertiliser. Australian farmers use much more phosphorus than nitrogen and potassium compared with farmers in Europe and USA. I thought it is because of delocalised electrons and reactivity? 2015-05-24 17:48:19 2015-05-24 17:48:19. Healthy kidneys remove extra phosphorus from the blood. Lv 7. Wiki User Answered . Answer From Rachael Majorowicz, R.D.N., L.D. Asked by Wiki User. These electrons can move and conduct electricity. Why is sodium a better conductor than francium? Metals are atoms in a sea of electrons. Complete the dot-and-cross diagram to show the electron arrangement in a molecule of phosphine. Why is a low-phosphorus diet useful in managing kidney disease? Relevance. The atoms in the metal are actually cations or positivity charged. Favorite Answer. I thought it is because of delocalised electrons and reactivity? Sodium is a metal. 11M.2.sl.TZ1.5a.i: Define the term first ionization energy. 1 Answer. Show outer shell electrons only. Answer Save. 8 years ago. One phosphorus atom is bonded with four oxygens to form a -3 … 11M.2.sl.TZ1.5b.i: calcium has a higher melting point than potassium. Why potassium is better electrical conductor than lithium or sodium?

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