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vw golf mk7 coming home lights

... (coming home). Xenon Range. ^^^^ I don't have HID lamps on my car, so I can't check - but isn't there a Headlight adjustment facility in Basic Settings for the control module at address Hex55? How to set default DRL cooming & living home?? I carefully followed the instructions, but it doesn't work on my car. I do not have the Auto lights. Yes, VCDS does mix-up German and English language in their versions - that's why I always have a copy of Google translate open whenever I'm doing any coding/channel changes. Have you ever tried switching on the "Showroom" mode on the Headlight Range control module (address 55)? I'm surprised that the inner tails don't illuminate in this situation. Customers also viewed these products. Well done! Like what exactly is "Presentation Mode" or "Activation of OPS"? Or did you buy the car brand new? Good to know that all text is not converted. I chose to have my fog lights ad ch/lh and now it works thanks to you. Or did you buy the car brand new? Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Back to Top; Post by Daniel (Germany) on Sept 29, 2016 20:08:11 GMT. Daniel (Germany) Senior Member. Question for Admin: Do you intend to translate the settings to English anytime soon? Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. 2016 VW Golf R. 06-09-2016 09:38 AM #2. Next. May someone coded something before you buy the car. Quote. can i use the OBD11pro to change the vin ?. sites.google.com/a/naturalnetworks.ca/vw-golf-mk7-vcds-how-to/, forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?7013354-VAGCOM-What-is-this-and-how-do-I-do-it-(new-to-VW)/page49. Nevermind, I got it. A more detailed explanation would go a long way for people to see if they want to make a change. Does anyone know if the new HBA app works for Passat B8 FL? The 'coming home' and 'leaving home' functions are designed to improve your convenience and comfort. Comfort. how do we do passenger mirror dip on reverse? On mk5 golf lights stayed on for required time after locking car. LH is still stubborn and won't work, but it's not that important for me. ^^ ^^^ trickieb: Daniel is correct - the Leuchte-set Leuchte27 NSL RC6  which controls the two inner tails is factory set by VW to operate as side-lights -for OEM LED  fittings. Mechanical. You should be proud. It has the small camera for the lane assist. The adaptation channel commands that make the inner LED tails operate as side-lights are: So please check these settings on your car.DonPS: Do you mean that you want the inner tails to remain illuminated as side-lights when the car is locked and the rotary switch is in the side-light position? When set to Automatic nothing happens. On Oct 6, 2020 for Golf 2017 - 2020 has been added the Rear Lights Configuration - Urban Joke V.EU, does any one have tried that? May someone coded something before you buy the car. in control unit 5f under adaptation i can't see ''Dashboard_. I'm trying to activate window closing when raining. Procedure is the same butnyou have written the correct english description. Normal light funktion on golf mk7 is this what shown on your picture (inner and outer taillights are on with headlight or side lights. mk7golf. i have obd11 pro. Hi Admin, can we get an official manual with detail description of the codes? i have obd11 pro. Please Login or Register. Of course  if your use of the term is different and if your question is purely about not being able to find "Brake Light" on the OBD11 screen, then this just because the setting information that OBD11 uses is largely in German! Only 6 left in stock - order soon. can i use the OBD11pro to change the vin ?. I dont understand, normal the inner and outer taillights are sidelight (standlicht) and only the outer are brakelight. The same lights are switched on when the driver unlocks the doors with the radio remote control (leaving home). Now to become a bit more adventurous and see what else i can change.Appreciate the help.Trickieb, OBDeleven | Professional diagnostic tool in your pocket. Please check the coding wich dv52 posted here. If so, try Leuchte27NSL RC6- Lichtfunktion B 27 change from not active to Parklicht rechts. May i dont understand your question correct. How to set default DRL cooming & living home?? I am talking about light assist/high beam assist, Does anyone know how active DRL to auto ?? Please check the coding wich dv52 posted here. How do you do for headlight level adjusting once you've lowered the vehicle? Please check the coding wich dv52 posted here. Sidelight for my understand is normal taillight? Search this site. It would increase the sale of this software cause not everyone understands the coding part would be easier to bust switch it on. mk7golf. When you get out of your car, various lights, including the dipped-beam headlights, courtesy lights in the exterior mirrors, rear lights and number-plate lighting, all stay on for a short while before they are switched off automatically. Mode Taste dauerhauft weiß leuchten lassen. i replaced my 2006 Audi s4 comfort control module it has the same model number and part number. Can you check the settings below ? Trickieb: Odd...... when the dipped-beams are on, the side-lights  on the tails are also switched-on. Mk7 I have to pull indicator stalk to activate this. The time-delay (i.e. I tried this coming home coding on my MY2017 GTI sport and can only get it to work on Manual mode (light stalk flash first). The coding you write is for enable inner taillight also as brakelight. in control unit 5f under adaptation i can't see ''Dashboard_. ... Set Fogs as Leaving/Coming Home. I my car menu I can see Come Home seting in witch I can only decide for how long the lights are ON, from 0s to 30s. I'd like it very much. Can you program to allow key fob to lock from outside while engine is running? Thanks for this; I have already used the language change setting. Can you please put these as App in the software? Can anyone edit this list to explain exactly what these settings/changes do? Bei Betätigung der Mode taste und Auswahl eines fahrprogrammes leuchtet die taste gelb. Volkswagen Golf Owners Manual: Switching over headlights for driving abroad (travel mode) ... Coming Home and Leaving Home functions (orientation lighting) First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings The Coming Home function is switched on manually. Welcome Guest. 10 seconds in my screenshot) starts to count-down when the last door is closed on the car (inc. the hatch) .

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