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telescope mirror makers uk

Nichol Optical is a business dedicated to making high precision astronomical optics. Ultra Grade �1161, Secondary Size 63mm �90 We offer a Telescope mirror re coating service for both Primary and Secondary telescope mirrors. Steve Kennedy is the only large mirror manufacturer who has NEVER had a mirror re-figured, by anybody, EVER. Secondary Size 63mm �90 Research Grade �1322 Research Grade �220 Prices are for complete Mirror Sets (main mirror & flat). Professional Grade �330 Professional Grade �318 In order to assess a mirrors surface the observed curvature of the ronchi bands is compared with a computer generated image. 1/6 PV wavefront specification giving excellent images for any choice of subject. We offer a range of products and services for the ameteur telescope enthusiast such as grinding powders, polishing powders /compounds, telescope aluminising services. We manufacture telescopes and accessories such as telescope wheels, carrying cases, guiding computers, focusers, motors and motor controls and much more. Secondary Size 90mm �198, Standard Grade �2233 Produced from quality low expansion Suprax glass from Schott Germany. Secondary Size 75mm �114 It provides data to help in selecting a telescope, and also provides information necessary for mirror making and testing. Coated with Hilux enhanced optical coatings. Secondary Size 75mm �114, Standard Grade �264 Professional Grade �654 The Newtonian telescope's simple design makes it very popular with amateur telescope makers. Coated with now world famous Hilux high performance coatings as standard. Ultra Grade �3693, Secondary Size 90mm �198 Research Grade �218 Often referred to as aluminising, re-aluminising, coating, re-coating, silvering or re-silvering To order our Telescope Mirror re-coating service, please choose the correct process for your Primary Mirror size and Secondary mirror … With a null test a perfect mirror produces straight bands when viewed with a ronchi ruling, any curvature of the bands indicates the amount of spherical aberration present. If the mirror is expanded to the size of a football field, then the mirror's surface will be smooth to 1/1000 inch or 1/30 millimeter! These mirrors are exceptional in performance and can be relied upon 100% to give virtually flawless images. Professional Grade �444 Secondary Size 75mm �114 Recommended Nichol Optical is a business dedicated to making high precision astronomical optics. Their incredible accuracies and reflective characteristics lend themselves to the realms of optics we have supplied to: OPTICS : Telescope Mirrors : Elliptical Flats : Mirror Cells : Zygo : Optics Finish Note : PV ExplainedMirror Recoating : All About Optics : Optical Coatings : Optical + Telescope Testing, Research Grade �220 These are well established tests and are used widely by professional optical shops the world over. Secondary Size 75mm �114 Recommended Professional Grade �601 With experience this test method is easily capable of revealing wavefront errors of  1/8 wave and smaller. Our Ultra range has Strehl values typically around 99% with RMS values of the order of 0.02PV. Research Grade �738 Perhaps the best recommendation for any optic is confirmation of it’s performance in a telescope, I am pleased to say that I have received much feedback from customers who have been delighted with the performance of their optics, for further information please see the comments page. The image shows a 18 inch diameter F4.3 paraboloidal mirror under the double pass autocollimation test using a Ronchi ruling. Supplied with full Zygo interferometer report.UltraWith our continuous developments in optics we have now reached a position where we can offer with 100% reliability, optics which we believe are the best available anywhere in the world. Coupled with a guaranteed PV wavefront error so small, it often is less than 1/10PV wavefront. Ultra Grade �2619, Secondary Size 75mm �114 Professional Grade �474 It will calculate parameters for two different telescope designs and compare the results for you. Professional Grade �1160 1/4 PV wavefront specification giving excellent images for any choice of subject. Secondary Size 82mm �144 The majority of these primaries we make are bought by amateur telescope makers or just customers who want to upgrade the optics in their imported, ... At Orion Optics UK we pride ourselves on having some of the finest optical technicians anywhere in the world. Atomic Energy Nuclear Fusion Research Laboratories, Culham. - Telescope Components: - Primary Mirror Cells - Secondary Mounts/Spiders - Large Diameter Altitude Bearings - Focusers - Finderscopes, etc. All of our telescopes are individually made to suit our customers' wishes and are designed to look wonderful, as well giving excellent optical performance. Research Grade �806 Each optical surface is tested up to 29 times as it passes through its many processes of being turned from a blank piece of glass to a highly accurate figured mirror or lens. Each is Supplied with full Zygo interferometer report.These primary mirrors are expensive, they are also not recommended for just occasional star gazing. However, if you have a specific requirement please ask us as we still have the occasional mirror and flats ( below about 2 1/4inch m/axis) available. Secondary Size 82mm �144 Recommended * This thickness is nominal and can vary. Professional Grade �188 The optics we produce are world renowned for being among the best available. These folks carry a large selection of telescope mirrors and parts, as well as telescope kits and lots of accessories. Supplied with full Zygo interferometer report.ResearchWe measure regularly in their manufacturing process and, Zygo interferometer tests confirm, our Research Grade optics are some of the finest optics available anywhere at any price. I do not produce a test certificate giving a detailed numerical analysis of  a mirrors surface. Welcome to I R Poyser We make superb brass refracting telescopes in the traditional style. Ultra Grade �1560, Secondary Size 63mm �90 Ultra Grade �453, Secondary Size 44mm �50 Making a telescope mirror is one of the most satisfying and sublime joys you will experience. To ensure my optics are of the highest quality a variety of tests are used. These mirrors are virtually unsurpassed in performance and will produce some of the finest images available for either visual, film or CCD work. Ultra Grade �480, Secondary Size 50mm �60 1/8 PV wavefront specification giving excellent images for any choice of subject. Jim's Mobile, Inc. (JMI Telescopes) is a world renowned manufacturer of astronomical telescopes and aftermarket accessories for the amateur and professional astronomer. Research Grade �2203 Professional Grade �2607 Please contact us if you wish to specify your thickness precisely.StandardOur Standard mirrors are produced from quality low expansion Suprax glass from Schott Germany. Ultra Grade �754, Mirror Sets (comprises circular primary and eliptical secondary) To buy - click on a price.

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