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Black Doom | Devil Doom | Eclipse the Darkling, Classic Originally known exclusively as Dr. Ivo Robotnik in the localizations outside of Japan, Dr. Eggman did not have much of a story going for him. Fang the Sniper | Bark the Polarbear | Bean the Dynamite, Babylon Rogues Sonic Rush Adventure (2007) Sonic Rush (2005) Sonic Advance 3 (2004) Sonic Advance 2 (2002) Sonic Advance (2001) 3D Platformers. In the second game of the main Genesis series, Sonic's friend Miles "Tails" Prowler joins the blue hedgehog to stop Robo… Dr. Eggman | Hard-Boiled Heavies (Heavy King) | Metal Sonic, Sonic Boom Dr. Eggman | Hard-Boiled Heavies (Heavy King) | Metal Sonic, Sonic Boom Most Popular Villains. Saying that "It's best to get someone else to do the dirty work", Eggman Nega sent Dr. Ivo Robotnik to gather the Sol Emeralds in Blaze's dimension, while he started an invasion on Sonic's world and searched for the Chaos Em… Although they always defeated his robots, Whisker always escaped. Captain Whisker is the only major villain that fans believe actually died in the. Ultimately, his actions resulted in Blaze the Cat entering Sonic's dimension on a hunt for the emeralds stolen by Dr. Eggman. While Dr. Eggman is still after a plan to create Eggmanland, powered by the power of Jeweled Scepter, Eggman Nega makes it clear to Blaze that he wishes to achieve something quite different. Whisker steals the Jeweled Scepter, despite Blaze's attempts to stop him. Hobby Shadow and Metal Sonic close the portal and seal themselves and Eggman Nega in Ifrit's dimension. Cartoon Cat. Eggman Nega (originally spelled NEGA, with all caps) first appeared in Sonic Rush as an inter-dimensional counterpart to Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, with whom he was gathering the Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds. While Dr. Ivo Robotnik is childish, chaotic and evil on the outside, but wise and reasonable on the inside; Dr. Eggman Nega is calm and composed when facing his adversaries, but his goal is complete and utter destruction of life and order, even if he dies together with the world or dimension he destroys. Blaze the Cat (ブレイズ・ザ・キャット Bureizu za Kyatto?) Both doctors are after the sacred Jeweled Scepter, and, conspiring from shadows, don't make a move until Sonic & Blaze gather all of the Emeralds, while the Ghost robot army still occupies most of the islands in the archipelago around the Southern Island. Shadow the Hedgehog | Rouge the Bat | E-123 Omega, Team Hooligan Metal Sonic reveals that the seventh Emerald was stored in his chassis and he and Shadow use Chaos Control to exit that world. Eggman Nega is a polite gentleman, despite being cruel and calculating. Even so, Nega still tries to trap present-day Earth in a card, though this could suggest that Eggman Nega lives elsewhere on the galaxy and that he has never been on the Earth his whole life, so his existence may not be affected at all whatever he does to the Earth on the past. is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Charlie | D-Fekt | Dave the Intern | Dr. Eggman | Jebediah Badger | Lyric the Last Ancient | Mark the Tapir | Metal Sonic | Morpho | Nominatus | Shadow the Hedgehog | Swifty the Shrew, Other All of the hero teams, manipulated by both Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega, meet up at the Mystic Haunt Zone where the portal to Ifrit's world is. His I.Q of 300 gives him a self-important personality, making him a vain and egotistical narcissist. Whisker sent his robots, all of which had "Ghost" in their name after Sonic and Blaze. The game revolves around the Sol Emeralds that are very similar to the Chaos Emeralds. The Sol Emeralds were stolen by Dr. Eggman to use them for his vile plans, and it’s up to Sonic and Blaze to defeat Dr. Eggman and retrieve the emeralds at al costs. Instead of going with Nega's identity as an inter-dimensional counterpart to Dr. Eggman, the game reveals Eggman Nega's true origin as a descendant of the Robotnik family (a fact later confirmed at Sonic Boom by IIzuka Takashi). While Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik himself is first thought to be the primary antagonist of the game, he is actually on heroes' side that time and is a victim of Eggman Nega's actions. However, this is his greatest weakness, as it can cause him to spend too much time being a blabbermouth, and overlooking crucial flaws in his plans. Fang the Sniper | Bark the Polarbear | Bean the Dynamite, Babylon Rogues Destroy as much of the universe as he can so he can rebuild it in his image. Nega's comes to the conclusion that the main reason for the future world not accepting his scientific genius is due to Dr. Eggman's ruining the Robotnik family reputation, so Dr. Eggman Nega travels back in time to remove his ancestor from the timeline. It is made evident from the very beginning of the story that Dr. Ivo Robotnik and Eggman Nega are not working together, as Dr. Eggman sends off Metal Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog to prevent Nega from destroying the world. Gellert Grindelwald. While Eggman Nega states that both villains want to build the "Eggmanland beyond dimension", it's hinted that Nega's true goals lie elsewhere. IDW Sonic Villains | He can sometimes lose track of important details while making unnecessary long speeches. He has also been described as very sneaky, even disguising himself as Dr. Eggman on some occasions. The gameplay involved rubbing the DS's touch screen to make Sonic run along a predetermined path and trying to complete a simple race course. Nega (also "Doctor Nega")NEGA, Scientific know-howPilotingManipulationCunningScheming. During the somewhat ambiguous ending of the game, Nega is captured inside a card of his own by Silver, yet it was never revealed how he freed himself from the card that he was imprisoned in for the sequel. Abuse of powerUnethical experimentationAttempted genocideTortureUnleashing war machines upon the worldGenocide (unaltered timeline) In Sonic Rush Adventure, Eggman Nega apparently takes part in creating the "Ghost" robot army for Captain Whisker in cooperation with Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Creating robots.Enjoying photography. Eggman Nega (originally spelled NEGA, with all caps) first appeared in Sonic Rush as an inter-dimensional counterpart to Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, with whom he was gathering the Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds. Kill Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat. Alias She is an anthropomorphic cat and a princess hailing from an alternate dimension, where she is both the regent of her world and the appointed guardian of the Sol Emeralds, a role similar to that of Sonic and Knuckles combined. Siren Head. Nihilistic Mad Scientist, Doctor Eggman NegaDr. Before Sonic Rush was released, a short demo, Sonic E3 Demo, was developed. The picture at the top of the article has Nega in a similar pose to Eggman's artwork in, Curiously, the characters that don't find out about Eggman Nega's future origin in the, Eggman Nega's pattern of speech entirely may be different, as in, Nega laugh is also different from Eggman (Nega's laugh is ", Eggman Nega's design may have been partially based after the. Doctor Eggman Nega, also known as Eggman Nega or just Nega, is a futuristic mad genius and a major villain in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. The demo was rendered in 3D, but only one level could be played. Sonic and Blaze fought his robot, Ghost Titan, and after an intense battle, Sonic and Blaze destroyed the giant robot, and the resulting explosion killed Whisker and his crew and sunk his ship. Zavok | Zazz | Zeena | Master Zik | Zomom | Zor, Black Arms However, while Nega never reveals his identity to either Sonic the Hedgehog or Knuckles the Echidna (leading them to believe that Dr. Eggman was the mastermind behind events in the game), Shadow the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog rescue Dr. Eggman, who helps them to launch into outer space and stop Nega's world-destroying plan. To add an article to this category, put [[Category:Villains]] in that … The Egg Wizard is destroyed in a massive explosion, but future games show that both somehow escaped. Robotnik (first name unknown) Metal Sonic 3.0 may have been the one to release him from his imprisonment in the card once Silver returned to the future. Sonic Comic Villains | He tries to power and awaken an inter-dimensional monster called the "Ifrit" to destroy the world by using the Chaos Emeralds and the Chao to do it, after reading old files by Professor Gerald Robotnik, Ivo Robotnik's grandfather. Sonic and Blaze worked together to try to defeat Whisker. In the first game, he was trying to conquer South Island and create his industrial paradise known as Eggmanlandand was eventually thwarted by Sonic the Hedgehog himself. Nega (also "Doctor Nega")NEGA Type of Villain Full Name Unethical experimentationAttempted genocideTortureUnleashing war machines upon the worldGenocide (unaltered timeline). Occupation He has two parrot-like sidekicks named Mini and Mum. Whisker looks somewhat similar to Eggman, foreshadowing that Eggman is his creator. In the end, Sonic and Blaze transformed into Super Sonic and Burning Blaze with both sets of emeralds and defeated the two Eggmans, supposedly killing them in the explosion of their mech; however, they returned as a plot twist at the end of the next game.

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