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shortcut key to select an image

Constrain an image when resizing. Show Info i Display information about active image Print p Print active image Crop shift+x Crop active image or selection Delete an item In order to play with images in Photoshop 6, it’s nice to be able to choose, or select, an image or part of an image so that you can draw on it, add color to it, or even delete it. Zoom>View 100%5 Zoom to 1:1 Draw d Draw selection the right and left arrow keys change the channel. Selection>Add to Managert Add selection to ROI Manager    File/Revert: Don't show dialog    Image/Color/RGB Split: Keep original image    Image/Adjust/Threshold: Adjusting Min also adjusts Max ... [Shift] + Arrow Keys. [SpaceBar] Select only image with focus.    Polygon selection tool: Shift-click on a node to duplicate it Left Click on image view Mouse Wheel down (*) Change to next image. Next, hold the shift key and drag in the direction you want to scale your image. Shortcut keys ABCs.    Image/Stacks/Next Slice: Skip nine slices If there is a selection, you must also hold down the shift key.    Any User Plugin: Load using new class loader, Area selection tool: Subtract this selection from the previous one Close w Close the active window Gels>Select Next2 Select next gel lane Measure m Display statistics about active image or selection First, select the layer you want to work with. When re-sizing objects in Canva, you can constrain the proportions with this keyboard shortcut. Stacks>Reslice / Reslice stack Open Samples shift+b Opens "Blobs" example image However, there could be a few differences in actions or key combinations. Action.    Analyze/Tools/Roi Manager ("Add"): Draw and add selection Selection>Select None shift+a Delete selection    Color picker tool: Alt-click to "pick up" background color Paste v Paste contents of internal clipboard Type the text you want in the text box.    Process/Subtract Background: Show background image ), The right and left arrow keys subsitute for "" for moving through a stack. Plot Profile k Display density profile plot of current selection Hyperstacks > or → Next hyperstack channel Ideally, they should work on other versions as well. Hold down the Shift key and drag in Canva. Command Shortcut Description    Analyze/Gels/Select First Lane: Assume lanes are horizontal In order to play with images in Photoshop 6, it’s nice to be able to choose, or select, an image or part of an image so that you can draw on it, add color to it, or even delete it.    Point selection tool: Shift-click to add a point, The up and down arrow keys zoom the image in and out. Shortcut: The X key After selecting photos, if you want to deselect them, press the ESC key on your keyboard to deselect all photos.    Image/Zoom/In: Do not enlarge window Any painting tool + Alt or any shape tool + Alt (except when Paths option is selected)    Edit/Copy: Copy to system clipboard selections, generate row average plot Zoom>In + or ↑ Make image larger Windows vs Mac Equivalent keys The following tables assume you are using a Windows keyboard. Open TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, DICOM, FITS, etc.    Analyze/Tools/Analyze Line Graph: Show intermediate image Show All shift+f Make all windows visible Send layer back. Select a block of text: CTRL + SHIFT with an arrow key Switch keyboard layout when multiple keyboard layouts are available: CTRL + SHIFT Turn Chinese Input Method Editor on/off: CTRL + Spacebar Display shortcut menu for selected item: SHIFT + F10 Select more than one item on the desktop or in a window, or select text in a document: SHIFT + any arrow key

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