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sea kale root cuttings

From what I'm reading in Perennial Vegetables, it seems like this might be on the shy side size-wise for a viable root cutting, but if anyone has experience with propagation from cuttings, I would appreciate it. Each root cutting is 4 inches long and 1/4-1/2 inch in diameter. Crambe maritima## HOW TO GROW SEA KALE Start indoors 8–10 weeks before last frost or direct sow in late April in the PNW. In hot climate, grow in shade house with daily cooling water. Plant them in the ground vertically, with the thicker end up. Latin: Crambe maritima. These cuttings were taken from our best seakale plants that we propagated by seed. Propagate by seed or root cuttings. Noteworthy Characteristics. Cover with about 1 inch of soil. 2 Sea Kale root cuttings. Transplant deep to prevent drying out. Howdy, Someone had gifted me with this root cutting of Sea Kale, just a couple days ago. Raise in a partial shade nursery. Sea kale is best planted out from May onwards, when the soil’s warmer. Adapted to the cool British sea coast. Germination is variable even with fresh seed, typically 1–2 plants out of ten sown. I love this plant. If thongs arrive quite dry, they can be soaked in tepid water for a couple of hours. Crambe maritime, commonly known as sea kale, is a robust mustard family perennial that typically grows in a spreading basal mound to 30-36” tall and to 24-30” wide. They had vigorous growth. Sea kale arrives as root cuttings called thongs.

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