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roger fenton crimean war

A collection of 263 of his war photos were sold to the Library of Congress in 1944 by his grandniece Frances M. Fenton and can be viewed at the Library of Congress. Parker, Preston & J.A. LC-USZC4-9369, Commissary General William Filder. LC-USZC4-9191, Looking towards St. George's Monastery, tents of the 4th Division in the foreground. LC-USZC4-9181, Lieutenant Gayner [i.e., Gaynor], 47th Regiment. LC-USZC4-9156, Omar Pacha & Colonel Simmons, Queen's Commisioner at the head quarters of the Hall, 14th Regiment. View of encampment showing bell tents, huts, soldiers, and horses. LC-USZC4-9119, Brigadier General Henry Frederick Lockyer & two of his staff of the 97th Regiment of Foot. His photos of the Crimean War are now considered to be the first pictorial documentation of war. Roger Fenton, The valley of the shadow of death. LC-USZC4-9306, General Cissé, chief of the staff to General Bosquet, & aide-de-camp. LC-USZC4-9151, View of the lines of Balaclava from Guard's Hill, Canrobert's Hill in the distance, the sirocco blowing. LC-USZC4-9370, "Sir Henry Rawlinson", Sanitary Commissioner. LC-USZC4-9157, Colonel Brownrigg C.B. Watson, Major Fred. Morris found evidence that the photo without the cannonballs was taken first—he believes Fenton intentionally placed them there for a better picture. LC-USZC4-9126, "A Zouave". Harbor with tent encampments in the foreground, ships in the harbor and, on a hill in the background, ruins of the old Genoese castle. One of the most famous photos of the Crimean campaign. LC-USZC4- 9237, General Bosquet giving orders to his staff. LC-USZC4-9271, Looking towards Mackenzie's Heights, tents of the 33rd Regiment in the foreground. View of artillery camp with caissons, barracks, tents, and horses. LC-USZC4-9215, Officers of the 57th Regiment, and a servant stands with a horse in the background. Roger Fenton's Crimean War photographs represent one of the earliest systematic attempts to document a war through the medium of photography. LC-USZC4-9118, Camp of the 4th Dragoon Guards near Karyni. "The valley of the shadow of death" Crimean War photograph. As. LC-USZC4-9122, Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Edward Chapman, C.B., Royal Engineers. The London print publisher Thomas Agnew & Sonsbecame his commercial sponsor. LC-USZC4-9210, Cavalry camp, looking towards Kadikoi. Dirt road in ravine scattered with cannonballs. LC-USZC4-9320, "A Zouave". LC-USZC4-9344, Lieutenant-General Sir John Campbell & group of officers. Captain Bernard, 5th Dragoon Guards, seated on a horse with "V DG" on bags. LC-USZC4-9168, View of Balaklava, from camp of Fusilier Guards. LC-USZC4 -9251, Major Woodford, Rifle Brigade. LC-USZC4-9212, Sebastopol with the Redan, Malakoff & Mamelon. Captain Lord Balgonie, Grenadier Guards. LC-USZC4-9298, Group of the 71st Regiment with colour sergeant. The main focus of fighting was on the Crimean Peninsula and the Black Sea, but particularly the Russian naval base at Sevastopol, the capture of which would hinder Russia’s naval power in the Black Sea. LC-USZC4-9206, Lieutenant William Affleck King, 4th Light Dragoons. LC-USZC4-9292, Major General James B. Estcourt. However, he was forced to operate under severe difficulties dictated by the hazards of war and the extremes of climate but also, significantly, by the limitations of his equipment and the process that he used. LC-USZC4-9302, Lieutenant General, the Honourable Sir James Yorke Scarlett, K.C.B. LC-USZC4-9247, Lieutenant General Sir George Brown, G.C.B., K.H. LC-USZC4-9255, Officers of the 71st Highlanders Regiment with dog. Seymour, 68th Light Infantry. LC-USZC4-9253, Major General James B. Estcourt, Adj.-Gen. to the British forces in the Crimea. LC-USZC4-9373, Colonel Frederick G. Shewell, C.B., commanding Hussar Brigade. The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace gives a welcome airing to the powerful Crimean War photographs of Roger Fenton. LC- USZC4-9239, Major Keane, on the staff at Balaklava. to H.R.H. LC-USZC4-9154, Chasseur d'Afrique - officer. LC-USZC4-9213, Colonel Edward Birch Reynardson (he had the command of the Grenadier Guards at the battle of Inkermann). LC-USZC4-9182, William H. Russell, Esqr., the Times special correspondent. However no text descriptions, drawings or paintings wouldn’t be able to surpass realism of Fenton’s photo of the besieged Sebastopol; the main allies ports at Kamiesh and Balaclava; mortar batteries, field trains, camps and everyday camp life; portraits of legendary allies leaders: Lord Raglan, Lord George Page, General Pennefather, Sir John Brown, Sir Colin Campbell, commander of the “Thin Red Line”; French Maréchal Pélissier, General Bosquet, “Little Nephew of the Great Uncle” Prince Napoleon; Turkish Ismail Pacha and Omar Pacha; officers of the Guards regiments, colorful highlanders and zouaves, sergeants, soldiers, orderlies, reverends, Royal comissioners, railway engineers, camp followers, laborers, fellow artists, war correspondents and civilian travellers. Sparling had requested this picture be taken as a last record before they ventured into a dangerous area. LC-USZC4-9283, Lieutenant Yates, 11th Hussars, posed with dog, horse and groom. LC-USZC4-9138, Brigadier General Lord George Paget C.B. Join 1000s of subscribers and receive the best Vintage News in your mailbox for FREE, Police arrest a 72-year-old “suburban grandfather” suspected of being the Golden State Killer, “I’m not dead yet”: some Buddhist monks followed self-mummification, Project Azorian: Howard Hughes’ secret mission, 1960s U.S. satellite that started transmitting again in 2013, The “Walk of Shame” in Game of Thrones historical inspiration, The only unsolved skyjacking case in U.S. history might have a break, Kurt Gödel became too paranoid to eat and died of starvation, “Little Ease”: One of the most feared torture devices in the Tower of London, The humble English girl who became Cora Pearl, Walt Disney softened the original Snow White story. LC-USZC4-9228, Railway officials, messrs. Swan, Cadell, Middleton, Howse, & Kellock. LC-USZC4-9299, Mortar batteries in front of Picquet house Light Division. Roger Fenton’s 1855 photo “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” is the first famous photograph of war, depicting a barren road littered with cannonballs fired during the Crimean War. 1855 Fenton was born into an affluent family near Manchester, England, in 1819 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from University College in London in 1840. LC-USZC4-9188, View of Balaklava from the top of Guard's Hill. LC-USZC4-9173, Brigadier McPherson, CB., & officers of the 4th Division: Captain Clement Henry John Higham [i.e., Heigham], 17th Regiment; Captain William Henry Earle, Major of Brigade; Captain (John L. or Edward) Croker, 17th Regiment; Captain Roger Swire; Captain Philip McPherson, posed next to tent. Roger Fenton arrived in Balaklava harbour on a cool spring day on 8 March 1855. These records never managed to capture battles, explosions, devastations, wounds, blood and tears, partly due to the limitations of photographic techniques of the period, but also because of official wish to glamorize the war and shift public attention away from government and military mismanagement, for which Crimean campaign became infamously known. General to the Light Division. LC-USZC4-9177, Camp of the 5th Dragoon Guards, looking towards Kadikoi. LC-USZC4-9232, Ismail Pacha (Hungarian general Kmety) ordering his chibouque. LC-USZC4-9242, Captain King, horse artillery. Lord Raglan, Maréchal Pélissier, & Omar Pacha. LC-USZC4-9125. LC-USZC4-9221, Ismail Pacha (General Kmety) on horseback, with three attendants. LC-USZC4-9147, The Honourable Major Cathcart, Dep. Roger Fenton English, 1819–1869 About this artwork Prominent in photographic circles and favored by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Roger Fenton was commissioned to document the British military during the Crimean War; his pictures there represent one of the first uses of photography in wartime.

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