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Mitchell "Mitch" Shelley aka Resurrection Man was once a lawyer on the take from the mob in Viceroy, South Carolina who found himself as a unwilling test subject for a nanotechnology experiment being performed by a organization known as "the Lab." [3] When the writing team moved to DC Comics, they proposed the concept to the editors and it was accepted. In this version of events, Mitch Shelley is born in the late 20th century but has no memories of any past lives and there is no indication he has ever lived past lives. There seems to be no limit to the nature of the power Shelley might possess. The two find the Lab and learn about its tektite experiments from Mr. Following this, Shelley teams up with the centuries-old mystic known as the Phantom Stranger. When he next dies and resurrects, this power will be exchanged for another. Unable to determine what makes Shelley special, a desperate Director Hooker takes a sample of Mitch's blood and injects it into himself. Mitchell Shelley (1985 - 2011) In his current life, Mitch Shelley was injected by sub-atomic "tektites" based on the same microscopic technology that grants Vandal Savage his own immortality. The series ended in 1999 after 27 issues, with one issue being numbered Resurrection Man #1 Million (taking place in the 853rd century and tying into the DC One Million crossover). His wife Paula and his business partner Richard Bessly, secretly lovers, decide to take over Shelley's business and continue working for organized crime. [13], Much of the DC Universe has its history changed as a result of the New 52 timeline. In this future timeline, Shelley wielded a device called a Resurrector that could instantly kill him while allowing him to choose what new power he would have after his next resurrection. Neue und gebrauchte Comics, Romane mehr als 40000 online durchsuchen, anschauen, lesen und bestellen. Months later, he is kidnapped by a clandestine organization simply called "the Lab." The angel Suriel takes the soul of the original Mitch Shelley, while a demon takes Resurrection Man and Kim Rebecki to safety back in Metropolis. The process may take moments, minutes, or hours. [17] Shelley himself has no control over what new power or trait his resurrection decides to give him. The Phantom Stranger calls Mitch one of his oldest friends and says they have fought together during many lifetimes because each time Shelley has died he has later reincarnated, the same soul and mind reborn. He has been a member of the Forgotten Heroes, and later Justice Legion Alpha in the 853rd Century. Resurrection Man (DC) Inhaltsverzeichnis. To save the day, the Immortal Man melds his tektite field with the creature's own, overloading it. Pursued by the bounty hunters known as the Body Doubles, Mitch begins investigating what happened to him two years ago that left him amnesiac and unable to die. He arranges for his killers to be caught, leading to Keach and Paula's arrest and indirectly causing Richard's death. During the run of Resurrection Man, Abnett and Lanning also wrote an Elseworlds graphic novel called The Superman Monster which retold the story of Frankenstein as a Superman story. The New 52 version of Resurrection Man owes his powers entirely to tektites and never lived past lives. As a show of good faith, they hire corrupt police detective Keach to kill Mitch Shelley. Resurrection Man is Mitch Shelley, a superhero who can return from the dead when killed. 1 Allgemeine Informationen; 2 Erschienen sind. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The time it takes Mitch Shelley to resurrect varies with each occurrence. To add mystery, the character was introduced as an amnesiac who was uncertain about the nature or origins of his resurrection ability. Along with many other homeless people, Shelley is forced to be a test subject of Hooker, director of the Lab. 2.1 Resurrection Man 1 - 25; 2.2 Resurrection Man 26 - 27; 2.3 Resurrection Man 1.000.000; 3 Covergalerie; 4 USA to Germany; Allgemeine Informationen. Later becoming a lawyer himself, Mitch works with organized crime and helps bring legitimacy to the businesses of crime lords, partially as an act of defiance to his father. Shelley survives for weeks as a living shadow before regaining his body, while Hooker is now a sentient skull. Shelley then lost his arm during an attack on their base and received a tektite injection. Resurrection Man was created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Jackson Guice, first appearing in Resurrection Man #1. The monthly series was structured to follow a grand story arc planned by Abnett and Lanning, with stories following Shelley as he wandered America, having adventures while searching for the truth behind his past and his transformation. Publisher for this volume. [7], Two years later after surviving the gas main explosion, Shelley is killed while trying to protect people from criminals. Resurrection Man #1000000 (DC One Million) (English Edition) eBook: Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett, Butch Guice: Amazon.de: Kindle-Shop Included Issues List: Resurrection Man #27 . Savage then funded the Lab, hoping DeWitt (his son) and the other scientists could replicate the tektites in his own body. These replicated tektites were then injected into Shelley, giving him his resurrection power and slowly undoing the brain-damage he suffered from the gas main explosion, restoring his memories. Returning home to Viceroy, he reveals himself to his wife Paula and his business partner Richard Bessly, only to be shocked when they try to kill him. I or Mr. Immortal. With each resurrection, he also has a different additional new super-power (while whatever super-power he had previously disappears). This destroys them both while restoring reality in the process. While the series answered many questions about Shelley's life and powers, some mysteries were left unresolved regarding the revelation that he had fought evil and villains such as Vandal Savage across history by reincarnating many times and somehow recalling the memories of his past lives. Following the series cancellation, Mitch Shelley made only occasional guest appearances and cameos in other DC Comics stories. [10], The villain Skism causes reality to warp around Mitch, outfitting him in a superhero costume and temporarily convincing him he is a masked hero. He also mentions that Shelley used to have a single super-power in his different lives, indicating this is the reason he exhibits superhuman abilities while no other tektite test subject does. Suffering from an inoperable brain tumor, Hooker is determined to achieve immortality through a form of nano-technology called "tektites", sub-atomic robots that can heal and rebuild the body, defeating death.

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