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The truss rod is as tight as it will go and the neck still has way too much relief in it. This means the Notched Straight Edge is an excellent tool to have when you are adjusting your guitar truss rod. 1. However, if you don’t have a Notched Straight Edge you can place a Capo (or substitute) on the first fret of your guitar and used one of your fingers to hold one of the strings on the 12th fret preferable one of the E-Strings and used the string as a guide to check the straightness of your fretboard. How to choose a Truss Rod Wrench to adjust your truss rod. Check the case and see if you've got one. Here a great feeler gauge set that you can buy on amazon, which is the ABN Universal SAE and Metric Master Feeler Gauge. By looking at the adjusting screw you should be able to determine, whether that screw or nut needs a Hex Truss Rod Wrench (Socket), Allen Truss Rod Wrench or a Flat Blade Wrench base on the description of each of these tools that we give above. So, if you have any other questions about the truss rod adjustment tool that you will need for your guitar, let me know in the comment. There are various types, sizes and shapes of wrenches that guitar uses, but, most guitars either uses one of three types of Truss rod wrenches, which are: After using this tool to find how straight your guitar neck is, you will know how much to adjust the truss rod and which direction to adjust it to. Yamaha put a slot at the heel that can fit a wrench in there to make adjustments. The truss rod wrench is what is used to adjust the truss rod on your guitar, however the wrench for every guitar are not the same. A truss rod is a metal bar (usually made from steel or graphite) that reinforces the neck of a guitar, bass, or other stringed instruments. Quick View Compare Add to Cart Add to Wish List. However, if you want a set of screwdrivers that can fit almost any guitar I would recommended this Magnetic Screwdriver Set, which you can buy on amazon, check the current price here. It can also be used as a regular straight edge to check the levelness of the frets. For example, the Allen Truss Rod Wrench that is use to adjust a truss rod that is adjustable from the headstock of the guitar may shape different from the ones that has to adjust a truss rod that is adjustable from the sound hole of the guitar. how to find tool to adjust guitar truss rod, Which way to turn truss rod on your guitar to adjust it? $3.50 shipping. 10-3/4" long (27.31cm), with comfortable rubberized handle. There’s no universal standard, unfortunately. 3/ Tightening the truss rod counter-clockwise causes the neck to become concave (under) = more relief. Now, let us look at how would you choose a truss rod wrench that is perfect for your guitar. While you are using your Capo to hold the strings down at the 1st fret on the guitar fret-board and one of your hands to hold down one of the strings at the 12th fret, you would then use your Feeler Gauge to measure the distance between the frets and the strings. Single-action truss rods are the most common truss rod in commercially manufactured instruments. Northwest Guitars. 3/ Tightening the truss rod counter-clockwise causes the neck to become concave (under) = more relief. Finally, don’t forget to share this article! […] the right set of tools when you are adjusting your guitar truss rod. Our Truss Rod Rescue Tools clean up damaged threads, create new threads, and even rescue truss rods that have broken off completely. 260 sold. This is because the make-up of guitars varies base on their manufacturers and brands, so one tool does not fit all guitars. What are people saying? Truss Rod Wrench Set. Most truss rods have a nut at one or both ends of the neck which we can use to adjust the tension on the neck. When you are adjusting your guitar truss rod the feeler gauge is the tool that you are going to use to determine the perfect high of the strings from the fretboard. The first thing you want to do is to look at your truss rod adjusting screw, whether it is located at the head-stock, the end of the neck, in the sound hole or under the Pick Guard on your guitar. That would be way too sensible and convenient. I have at least 20 different wrenches and hex keys dedicated to adjusting guitar necks (Photo 1), but I still run across that one guitar that requires a tool I don’t have. The Feeler gauge should fit between the strings and the frets without lifting the strings, while at the same time the strings should not be far above the Feeler Gauge. So, in order for you to choose the right set of truss rod adjustment tools for your guitar, you will first have to know what each tool that we listed above is used for and which type, size and shape of this tool suits which purpose. There are several great guitar capo out there, however, my recommended Capo that you can buy on amazon is the GUITARX X3 – The Original Guitar Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars. This results in the neck being forced to bow backward. However, If you want a set of notched straight edge that will fit almost any guitar/bass scale length, you can try this Set of 4 Notched Straight Edge Guitar Tools, which you can buy on amazon, check the current price here. After knowing the type and size of wrench, the location of the adjusting screw will determine the specific truss rod adjusting wrench for your guitar. Truss rods can break if too much tension is placed on an already maxed out truss rod so caution is warranted. Also, if you have any knowledge about adjusting your truss rod that you would want to share, also let me know. See our Truss Rod Rescue Tool Sets. See our Truss Rod Rescue Tool Sets. $10.96 (11) Router … We need truss rods for instruments that have steel strings. You can check the current price here. Demystifying Truss Rod Tools Do you ever get frustrated trying to find the correct wrench or hex key to adjust your guitar’s truss rod? This is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Search over 75 researched Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Banjo, & Ukulele Truss Rod Wrench Size Specs. $28.00 (34) Neck Relief Gauge. Please note however, that the use of the Capo and the string to determine the straightness of your guitar neck is an alternate way if you are not using a straight edge on your fret-board, as well as you can use both method for verification. Fit the appropriate hex key to turn your truss rod. Taylor 814, Martin D28 and many more. Also the Flat Blade Wrench that is used to adjust a guitar truss rod that is adjustable from the end of the neck (on a guitar that you have to take the neck off) may not be ideal for adjusting a truss rod on a guitar that you can just take the pick guard off. A Capo can also be a useful tool in adjusting your guitar truss rod because it helps to hold the strings of the guitar down when you are using a guitar string as a straight edge as we discuss above. Where the truss rod is adjusted from will play a big role is the type of tools you will need also. There are a lot of things you might not be aware Read more…, Guitar vs piano which is better?, this is a common question that many potential musicians ask. However, if you just want a set of wrenches that will fit almost any guitars, I would recommended the StewMac Truss Rod Wrench Set which you can buy on amazon, check the current price here.

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