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pachysandra seeds for sale

Silver Edge, or Variegated Pachysandra, have a lighter green colored leaf than the common type bordered with a delicate creamy white edge. ... Perennial Flower & Plant Seeds… The plant is commonly used as a ground cover in landscape designs because it thrives in shaded areas of your … Pachysandra plant is a member of the boxwood family and a popular evergreen perennial. Select options. In … Quantity: 100, 200, 500, 1000. Related products. Address: Burgess Seed & Plant Co For sale 15 rooted pachysandra for ground cover. For sale 15 rooted pachysandra for ground cover. It will be ready around mid April. Green Sheen Pachysandra. Phone: (309) 662-7761 Monday - Friday, 8 am - 6 pm CST Saturday, 8 am - 5 pm CST Extended hours offered in the spring. They also have slightly “crinkled” leaves for added visual interest. It will be ready around mid April. Of course Pachysandra terminalis, commonly called Japanese Spurge, is also very practical given that it is self-sustaining, always attractive and evergreen year-round, and requires no grooming or pruning. Pachysandra Variegated Ground Cover.. Pachysandra terminalis 'Variegata', is a hardy and easy to grow evergreen groundcover. This variegated cultivar is quickly becoming one of the most popular ground covers.As a maintenance free ground cover, Pachysandra …

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