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iseries hybrid 1000 12 medium mattress review

All rights reserved. Models in the higher end of a price range tend to be thicker and or have better material / design. Breaking-In Period Sleep Quality Learn more. Ratings are based on over 750 consumer reviews of Perfect Sleeper, iComfort Hybrid, iSeries and similar discontinued models. Models with gel foam may provide a cooling benefit; in fact, about 2% of owners report sleeping too cold. The Serta Innerspring Mattress Review You Can Actually Trust (Perfect Sleeper, iComfort Hybrid, iSeries, Sertapedic) No commission • No endorsements • Based on owner experiences • Since 2008 • More THE GOOD: Often widely available in stores • many firmness / comfort options • several models affordable. The Gel Active Max Foam is an open-celled memory foam that promotes airflow. This model, along with others in the iSeries Hybrid collection, has a new cover made of HyperFeel Surface Design. Apply for financing at checkout, and upon approval, chose between loan options of 3, 6, and 12 months. Ever since introducing the Perfect Sleeper mattress to the world, Serta has worked tirelessly to constantly push for improvements to the way we sleep. Sleep cool and dry on these eight mattresses great for hot sleepers. The next layer is made of Carbon Fiber. This proprietary memory foam also provides extra support for your back and neck. The higher rating for non-pillow tops is due chiefly to better durability, edge support, and sleep temperature. If you’re a particularly hot sleeper, this is the model for you. This mattress includes Air Support Foam that contours around your body to give you the support you need, and relieves pressure on your body to reduce the chances of aches and pains. *Does not include innerspring hybrids; their average is about $2050 (queen). When you call Serta, they will walk you through the exchange process, place your new order over the phone, and charge the difference or return the difference to your payment method. Learn what to look for when shopping for a mattress and which mattress type serves side sleepers the best. The following layer on the plush mattress is the 3” EverCool Supreme Memory Foam for cradling comfort and to relieve pressure points, while the firm model uses a Deep Reaction Max Memory Foam technology to help with heat dissipation and to enhance the overall comfort level for back sleepers. Check out our review to find out which model Serta has made for your sleep needs. Disclosure: By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Nerd may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. In addition, the majority of reviews for Perfect Sleeper are not recent but several years old. It should be noted that Perfect Sleeper durability / longevity appears to have improved somewhat in the past few years. A conforming mattress is one that molds and contours to the sleeper's body. 2 days later when the box arrived we thought "there's no way there's a King size mattress 12 inches thick in there"! COMMENT: Considerably more expensive on average than the average mattress ($1500 queen) and somewhat higher on average than the average hybrid mattress ($2000 queen). The price ranges are due to the availability of different models within each line. ’s 10-year limited warranty guarantees your mattress against any defects in material and workmanship. But pain and pressure relief can diminish due to wear, compression and sagging. The less expensive models tend to have greater topper needs than the more expensive models. COPYRIGHT 2007-2019 SLTD, INC. Best suited for light / occasional adult use or regular child use. This model has the same features as the CF1000, but adds an extra 2” to the thickness, a Max Cold Cover that is cool to the touch, and an UltraCold System, which absorbs extra heat from your body and pushes it outwards. But the flip side is that they can leave you feeling sinking or stuck-in the memor… For mattresses reviewed in our Best Mattresses of 2020 rating, the average cost for a queen-size hybrid mattress is about $1,500. Thicker-model Sertas, especially those containing memory foam, can weigh in excess of 100 lbs – making them difficult to move, handle and lift especially for one person. continuous coil (391 coil count queen) or pocket coil (711 coil count queen), continuous coil (520-800 coil count queen) or pocket coil (739-886 coil count queen), pocket coil in coil (952-1008 coil count queen), COMMENT: The thinner the mattress, the more friendly it tends to be for an adjustable bed base. People 130-230 pounds are better suited, while people under 130 pounds are best suited. (Back) Pain Relief Potential Support tends to be no better than fair (especially for couples and people 230+ lbs) given the beds' relatively unsophisticated coil system and limited amount of conforming material. core of the mattress creates a strong foundation and support for sleepers. The hybrid design became popular shortly after memory foam mattresses came on the scene. iComfort Hybrid / iSeries. Prices usually range $340-$970 (depending on model and size) making Sertapedic an entry-level mattress. (See. google_ad_height = 90; by phone or by email and set up your hassle-free return, at no cost to you. All three of the iComfort models work for back sleepers if you want more cushioning, but when selecting the CF4000, we advise you to pick the firm version for ultimate comfort. See the mattress firmness guide for which firmness may be best for your specific body type and sleeping position. Another option if you’re unhappy with your mattress is to consider an exchange.

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