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ielts speaking topics 2020

Sample Answers | What are the main environmental problems we face today? What kind of celebrations are common in your country? What should people do if they receive bad service? Cambridge 13 Start preparing as soon as you are given the card, paper and pen. How can people consume online news responsibly? IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics 2020 (Jan – May 2020) & Sample Answers . What do students do after school in your country? Describe a good decision you made recently. What’s the difference between news in newspapers and online news? How important is listening to friendship? Would you like to decorate your room with paintings? How often do most people use the internet? Every 4 months, new IELTS topics are released and each time they manage to add a few weird or strange topics. Is the behaviour of teenagers today better than when you were a teenager? Do you prefer to look at the sky during the day or at night? What are the ways that you can improve your skills at work? What defines success for people in your country? How should politicians who have been caught lying be punished? If you had the chance, would you change the subject? If the grammar seems inconsistent, it is because they were not composed by myself. Will reading still be a popular hobby in the future? How can people still contribute to society after retiring? Describe a time when a family member asked you for help. Why is it important to read about history? Is it important for children in school to get along with their classmates? Dave improved my writing skills in a way that helped me express my ideas more clearly, with higher level English. Would you say that bottled water is expensive in your country? Will teaching children to be honest reduce crime in the future? What kind of discussions did you have as a kid? Do you prefer to receive cards or emails? Do you prefer to work in the morning or evening? What kind of furniture would you like to buy? Why do some people not complain about bad service? Which sports are popular in your country? Are there many weather related problems in your country? What facilities does your university provide? Is the genotype of successful people different from others? Who should take the responsibility to provide facilities of an exercise to ordinary people? Describe a time when you received good news. How do young people usually find friends in your country? Why were dangerous sports created at all? How could hardworking workers be rewarded? How would companies benefit from offering recognition to successful employees? How does that differ from communication at home? Do you listen to talk more in a discussion? What effect do businesses have on urban planning? What incentives can governments offer for those taking on difficult jobs? Is it worth repairing something instead of buying a new one? Do people in your country often look at the stars? And explain why you didn't like that job. In January 2020, new topics and questions were added to the Speaking part. Do parents help children because they need their children to help them when they are old? Part 1- home (where you grew up?- what are the apartment where you live in? If it is possible to cover a couple of points quickly and then spend more time on a 3rd point on the card (regardless of order) – good idea – do it! What is the importance of animals to children? What are some changes in the area recently? (Answer) Well, I am an avid movie fan, and my favorite movie is Parasite, a 2019 South Korean black comedy thriller film directed by Bong Joon-ho. IELTS 2020 Speaking Questions We are showing recent IELTS speaking test questions, which are from the Internet and our visitors who have just taken the test. Do you influence others to use recycle bins? Why do some people have trouble staying silent? Should there be more severe penalties for crimes like libel? Why do people admire art and artists so much? You can also find a downloadable speaking test sample here. How do math skills come in handy in daily life? Is it more convenient nowadays to read the news online? What do you like about the home you grew up in? Why? Are there any sweet foods in your country? How do celebrities influence their fans in your country? Do people in your country often switch off their phones? Do you like to eat sweet things after your meal? Have you ever received a confusing text message? Why? Are there big differences between the way that young and old people celebrate their birthdays? How often do you change your mind after a discussion? Are there a lot of funny shows in your country? Were you good at math when you were younger? How important is communication in the workplace? Do you think it’s good to award prizes in school? What are the drawbacks of private vehicles? Do you think you will continue to stay up late in the future? Who is most responsible for enforcing the law? and explain why he/she taught you a skill. Should a leader discuss with team members when making decisions? What sort of good news do young people often receive? Should people include receipts when they give gifts? What corporate responsibility a large company should do? Would you like to live in a house with beautiful scenery around it? The list below is for the IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics September-December 2020.

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