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dread return combo

In modern there aren't enough free creatures to go that route so instead you'd want Moeba/Amalgam/Bloodghast and possibly a pair of Gravecrawler. Search Cards & Combos: Home Submit A Combo Deck Builder Forums Picture Guess Help: You are not logged in [click to login] - [Join For Free!] I don't think you've ever seen how insane the card is. You can try in this in legacy. Add To Wishlist Restock Notice Gatherer & Rulings. It's the easiest way to find Magic card art, prices, and rulings. Bridge from Below - [[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call-Updated images. Feeds | That, and WotC seems to really dislike Dredge as a whole. Only one I wasn’t already running was Chain (and Doomsday obviously). In MY Doomsday pile? Also, if you have never played with Dredge, why do you want that specific card to be unbanned? Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. [[Dread Return]] [[Reanimate]] [[Chain of Vapor]] Attack with SBT to mill Narcomoeba, Thassa's Oracle, and Dread Return. ComboDeck: the friendly Magic: the Gathering card search database. Boza Because I love reanimation and want to do a self mill deck with it. 6 years ago. It's almost completely unable to interact with and Wizards has said on multiple occasions they wish they had never printed dredge. because dread return is a 0-mana spell that wins the game if it resolves and makes enough zombies to probably win the game if it's countered. Get a Narcomoeba trigger and a SBT trigger, putting Narcomoeba onto the battlefield and creating a 2/2 Zombie token. Turn two untap, dredge 6 hitting double Narcomoeba and a Bridge from Below, land exile Simian Spirit Guide to flashback Faithless Looting, dredge 5 for improved hitting another bridge, Dread Return and a second Troll. It just enables a consitent Turn 3 combo deck. Not modern legal, but one of the cooler things I've seen done with dread return. - (If nobody has a Forest , you will need an additional ; then activate Phantasmagorian two additional times (holding priority, discarding 6 non combo cards) to have enough cards to delve into Sibsig Muckdraggers to pay only for it. Here's how it goes: Cast Flash while Protean Hulk is in your hand. Now regular Dredge is another story and I can see how everyone would either have to play it or dedicate main board slots to counteract it. Modern forum Posted on April 20, 2016, 5:53 a.m. by DarkMagician. Most importantly being Ichorid and Cabal Therapy. Press J to jump to the feed. To put into context for someone who has never played dredge before let's consider Bloom Titan. Never say never Boza, keep hope alive!!! DMCA requests | you are forgetting bloodghast, gravecrawler, and vengevine. This two-card combo is our second main win condition and the deck's namesake: We use Flash and Protean Hulk to find the Cephalid Breakfast combo, which also lets us mill our whole deck. Get 3 Narcomoeba or anything else on the battlefield, along with several Bridge from Below. Yeah I don't see Manaless Dredge being a thing in modern since it requires all 4 Spirit Guides in your hand since both Moxs would be useless in the deck. It's more likely than you think, and requires only [[Sidisi, Brood Tyrant]] on the board and BBB: Cast [[Doomsday]] and assemble this pile: [[Narcomoeba]] [[Thassa's Oracle]] [[Dread Return]] [[Reanimate]] [[Chain of Vapor]] Attack with SBT to mill Narcomoeba, Thassa's Oracle, and Dread Return. Often cast from the graveyard, Dread Return can flip a game in your favor very quickly in Legacy and Vintage Dredge, while also filling the board with 2/2 zombie tokens due to Bridge from Below. Combo Mairsil, the Pretender +Mirror-Mad Phantasm +Dread Return +Thassa's Oracle. Dread Return is probably the only card that is cemented in the ban list. While I believe there are modern playable replacements that could be found, the explosiveness is heavily handicapped. I don't think you understand, DarkMagician. Cast Deepwood Legate for free. Dredge has the capability of winning on turns 1 and 2 with Dread Return. Discard Skirge Familiar, Dread Return, and a non combo section card to return Phantasmagorian to your hand. Thanks for the clarification guys. Modern has most of the tools that dredge needs to be powerful in Legacy anyways Countering the Dread Return doesn't even help much since you still get 6 zombies to just beat face with. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Discord Server | Activate the Mirror-Mad Phantasm 's ability and put all your library in the graveyard, since you will not find a card with the same name. Sorry if it's a dumb question with a stupidly obvious answer but I've never played Dredge despite my love for reanimation. Exile Mirror-Mad Phantasm by activating the ability of Mairsil, the Pretender. Terms of Use | Search Cards & Combos: Home Submit A Combo Deck Builder Forums Picture Guess Help: You are not logged in [click to login] - [Join For Free!] Sacrifice the Zombie token, Narcomoeba, and SBT to flash back Dread Return, reanimating Thassa's Oracle to win. I got my LGS to host a couple now, and it looks like it'll keep going. Privacy statement | It will absolutely win turno 3 and that's just too fast for Modern. Tap either of them to draw a card and win. Mediocre combo of the day: Dread Return? er relife?~. Normal Dredge - use cards like Stinkweed Imp in combination with faithless looting to put your deck in your yard very fast. Dredge decks will overwhelm the format and make you wish Eldrazi Winter was still going on. Help | Toutes les cartes de Magic : l'assemblee, vente, echange, forums, decks, combos What would break it in the format? Use Dread Return to sac 3 creatures making 3xnumber of Bridge from Below zombies and reanimate Flame-Kin Zealot to give them haste and win on the same turn. There's always no banlist modern, I suppose. Definitely slotting this in. Contact | Hope that kind of clears up why we won't see it unbanned any time in the foreseeable future. Why is this card banned in Modern? 2 years ago. I love the card because reanimating things is kinda my thing and I really wish it was available to the format. Titan could pull off turn 2 wins with a fairly specific 7, which I'm not a statistician but even I know those odds are low.

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