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colonial quarter in malabo

Equatorial Guinea was chosen to co-host the 2012 African Cup of Nations in partnership with Gabon, and hosted the 2015 edition. For the USSR, there was an advantage to be gained in the War in Angola from access to Luba base and later on to Malabo International Airport. [citation needed], By the late nineteenth century, the Bubi were protected from the demands of the planters by Spanish Claretian missionaries, who were very influential in the colony and eventually organised the Bubi into little mission theocracies reminiscent of the famous Jesuit reductions in Paraguay. Like all previous elections, this was denounced by the opposition and it too was won by Obiang's PDGE. In July 1968 virtually all Bubi leaders journed to the UN in New York to try and raise awareness for their cause, but the world community was uninterested in quibbling over the specifics of colonial independence. [citation needed], In 1778, Queen Maria I of Portugal and King Charles III of Spain signed the Treaty of El Pardo which ceded Bioko, adjacent islets, and commercial rights to the Bight of Biafra between the Niger and Ogoue rivers to Spain. The city is very much an oil town, but it is also a relaxing destination for expatriates looking to relax after long days on the platforms. Due to the large oil industry in the country, internationally recognized carriers fly to Malabo International Airport which, in May 2014, had several direct connections to Europe and West Africa. [96], Fa d'Ambô, a Portuguese creole, has vigorous use in Annobón Province, in Malabo (the capital), and among some speakers in Equatorial Guinea's mainland. [34], This 'provincial' phase saw the beginnings of nationalism, but chiefly among small groups who had taken refuge from the Caudillo's paternal hand in Cameroun and Gabon. The Senate report showed at least $35 million siphoned off by Obiang, his family and regime senior officials. [22] As a result of this disaster, Spain was thereafter hesitant to invest heavily in their new possession. Education is free and compulsory for children between the ages of 6 and 14. Most African ethnic groups speak Bantu languages. The government financed an Instituto Internacional da Língua Portuguesa (IILP) sociolinguistic study in Annobón. [4][116] The international TV programme RTVGE is available via satellites in Africa, Europa, and the Americas and worldwide via Internet. It has subsequently become the richest country per capita in Africa,[11] and its gross domestic product (GDP) adjusted for purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita ranks 43rd in the world;[12] however, the wealth is distributed extremely unevenly, with few people benefiting from the oil riches. The Plaza de la Mujer square in Malabo was occupied by the police from 13 May and it has been heavily guarded ever since. The Fernandinos proved to become effective traders and middlemen between the natives and Europeans. The economy was based on large cacao and coffee plantations and logging concessions and the workforce was mostly immigrant contract labour from Liberia, Nigeria, and Cameroun. A number of freed Angolan slaves, Portuguese-African creoles and immigrants from Nigeria and Liberia also began to be settled in the colony where they quickly began to join the new group. Prime Minister Francisco Pascual Obama Asue was appointed by Obiang and operates under powers delegated by the President. After an extensive multimillion-dollar renovation completed in three months, the site opened as the Colonial Quarter in March 2013. The Sierra Leoneans were particularly well placed as planters while labor recruitment on the Windward coast continued, for they kept family and other connections there and could easily arrange a supply of labor. It focuses in one of Equatorial Guinea's most translated writers Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel. Aboriginal languages are recognised as integral parts of the "national culture" (Constitutional Law No. Madrid only partly backed the explorations of men like Manuel Iradier who had signed treaties in the interior as far as Gabon and Cameroon, leaving much of the land out of 'effective occupation' as demanded by the terms of the 1885 Berlin Conference. Freedom House, a pro-democracy and human rights NGO, described Obiang as one of the world's "most kleptocratic living autocrats," and complained about the US government welcoming his administration and buying oil from it. [122], Coordinates: 1°30′N 10°00′E / 1.500°N 10.000°E / 1.500; 10.000, First European contact and Portuguese rule (1472–1778), Early Spanish rule and lease to Britain (1778–1844). 2015. There is little popular music coming out of Equatorial Guinea. Roman Catholics make up the majority (88%), while a minority are Protestants (5%). Aware of this trend, the Spanish began to increase efforts to prepare the country for independence and massively stepped up development. The Bubi, who constitute 15% of the population, are indigenous to Bioko Island. [17] They must have settled continental Equatorial Guinea around 500 BC at the latest. The vote on the constitution was taken though neither the text or its content was revealed to the public before the vote.

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