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clock of omens combo edh

See cards from the most recent sets and discover what players just like you are saying about them. [Login] As always, when many people wrote in with the same idea I sided with the deck that was most fleshed out as well as which was sent in earlier. The combo requires two Coretappers, an Everflowing chalice (or Astral Cornucopia), Clock of Omens, Myr Galvanizer, Myr Turbine, Time Seive, and three lands (with U/B). - Christian had a lot of other useful things to say, but I think I give you the idea. It just seemed so expensive. The Tank is a heck of a lot cheaper to use as a card drawer, but it isn't nearly as versatile. The Myr Servitor is especially good with the Silent Arbiter and the Clock of Omens. This marks his second time showing up as a Challenge finalist. The Staff is incredibly expensive to use as a card drawer, but it can be used to great effect as a combination card with Clock of Omens. It's time for a set like none other—and a new way of playing one of the most popular formats in Magic. Twitter. This is a casual Modern deck that I've played with and have been tuning a lot. Repeat until you have enough mana to start spending 6 to draw cards (5,T + 1 to untap Staff). I haven't settled on a card yet for next week's column, so feel free to write me with your suggestions or post in the forums. Mostly you would want to Fabricate for an Urza's Blueprints or if you already have that, Clock of Omens - You can draw plenty of cards even though you might not have the Grinding Station, you will only need it to go near infinite. (Note on the combo: In case people haven't figured it out, it goes like this: Tap your Metalworker, revealing your hand of 4+ cards. This makes running only 3 copies of both of those cards quite a bit better. Turn four, Clock of Omens, sacrifice Mardu Ascendancy to give cats +0/+3. They would be banned in Extended tournaments, and ever since, I've heeded his advice and paid particularly close attention to untap effects. This deck is one big machine. One of the things I definitely like about the deck is the use of Fabricate to find the two most expensive cards, the Urza's Blueprints and the Clock of Omens. Clock of Omens combos with Howling Mine, so that only you get the benefits from it; Vedalken Shackles, to untap on your opponents turn and take a creature if need be; with Prototype Portal, to make multiple Platinum Angels; Contagion Engine, if you need to proliferate a bunch; and finally Hedron Archive/Gilded Lotus, to make tons of mana. Infinite Damage: Cauldron Familiar + Witch's Oven + Mardu Ascendancy + Clock of Omens. I have played, and will be playing a lot of this deck on my stream. With two Urza's Contact Lenses out and a Clock of Omens, you can untap as many artifacts as you want, as long as you still have skin left on your hands! When multiple Myr Servitors are unleashed, they not only have a use with the Clock for untapping both mana or a Machine-Gunner (anyone with a Viridian Longbow), but they can also help hold the fort for quite a long time. With the Clock, you can control which of your artifacts are tapped, and which are not. Time Spiral was clearly the most abusive of these cards, as was Earthcraft. Commander Legends Release Notes Vedalken Archmage is probably the most fun card in the deck because once you have a few cost reducers in play, you can just churn through your deck until you find a Memnarch and take control of everything your opponent has with the Gilded Lotus/Clock of Omens combo. It can be quite daunting trying to attack through all of that (or, at least, time consuming).

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