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chrome mox banned

Timur Battlerage Decks: I feel like you usually need all of your cards to win with these decks, and they don't play SSG to start with, which seems more efficient in those decks to start with. A lot of people don't like SSG being in Modern, because he's usually enabling something broken; Chrome Mox would be even worse. I just finished my modern deck. Affinity would most likely also play it. I don't think Chrome Mox would see play in Burn or Infect. #ancient tomb, #birthing pod, #chrome mox, #dark ritual, #darksteel citadel, #deathrite shaman, #demonic tutor, #dig through time, #enlightened tutor, #fact or fiction, #faithless looting, #fetch lands, #frantic search, #gitaxian probe, #great furnace, #green suns zenith, #land tax, #lotus petal, #mana crypt, #mystical tutor, #oko thief of crowns, #ponder, #preordain, #seat of the synod, #senseis divining top, #skullclamp, #sol ring, #strip mine, #treasure cruise, #vampiric tutor, #windfall Read More ». We might need to ban SSG because 8 mana accelerates seems like it would make sun and moon explode, plus a million other decks I'm probably not thinking of. Artist: Donato Giancola. Was chatting about this to my son, and he asked me why this card is banned in modern? Chome Mox was banned at the inception of Modern so no deck in Modern caused it to be banned. Burn: 0% worth it to throw away a relevant spell to go a little faster, you need all your cards to win a good maority of the time. Chrome Mox would make t1 Chalice/t2 Blood Moon decks way more consistent which seems incredibly miserable to me. It's an interesting question that I thought I would pose to the experts in this group. If opal gets banned I'm cashing out hard. 8/7/2020. Aside from the card disadvantage being a really real thing, ad nauseam combo is in my mind, totally fair. #azorius signet, #boros signet, #chrome mox, #dimir signet, #everflowing chalice, #golgari signet, #gruul signet, #hedron archive, #izzet signet, #lotus petal, #mana crypt, #mana rocks, #mana vault, #mox diamond, #orzhov signet, #rakdos signet, #Ranking every, #selesnya signet, #simic signet, #worn powerstone Read More », Moxen are banned in EDH… but these are the next best things, #black lotus, #chrome mox, #gilded lotus, #lions eye diamond, #lotus, #lotus bloom, #lotus petal, #Mox, #mox amber, #mox diamond, #mox emerald, #mox jet, #mox opal, #mox pearl, #mox ruby, #mox sapphire, #mox tantalite, #Moxen, #nyx lotus, #paradise mantle Read More », #ad nauseam, #cephalid illusionist, #chrome mox, #demonic consultation, #flash, #force of will, #gemstone caverns, #imperial seal, #kenrith the returned king, #mana crypt, #mox diamond, #najeela the blade blossom, #nomads en-kor, #prime speaker vannifar, #protean hulk, #rayami first of the fallen, #superior numbers, #tana the bloodsower, #tasigur the golden fang, #thassa's oracle, #thrasios triton hero, #tymna the weaver Read More ». Revised: January 21, 2019 - BANNED CARDS. It seems like it helps the slow decks more than the fast ones. Moxen are banned in EDH… but these are the next best things #black lotus , #chrome mox , #gilded lotus , #lions eye diamond , #lotus , #lotus bloom , #lotus petal , #Mox , #mox amber , #mox diamond , #mox emerald , #mox jet , #mox opal , #mox pearl , #mox ruby , #mox sapphire , #mox tantalite , #Moxen , #nyx lotus , #paradise mantle Read More » Artifact. Going through the scary fast decks: Dredge: I feel like SSG is always better, you just need to resolve a couple of spells every game and you only want red mana from what I can tell. {T}: Add one mana of any of the exiled card's colors. Ranking every mana rock in EDH using EDHREC! But turn one Eidolon tho? https://www.patreon.com/edhrecast Follow the cast on Twitter: @EDHRECast @JosephMSchultz @danaroach @mathimus55 Interested in writing for EDHREC? It gets play in Legacy(Mono Red Prison at least), and then Vintage has real moxes and doesn't need it. It could put Blighted Agent on the ground turn-1, while providing an additional mana turn-2 for more pump spells, protection, or to kick a Vines of Vastwood. Not broken things. Hey charbelcher is a real deck!!! Robits: you need to discard a colored spell, which robits lacks enough to not make this consistent. I don't think the simian blood moon play is unfair, I think simian chalice on 1 is only playable and decent in fucked-up-otherwise metas, and I don't think griselbrand combo is consistent enough to call overall 'broken'. That can't be good. So with the possible acceptation of infect I think chrome mox might be okay in modern? Chrome mox was banned when modern was created, it has never not been banned. Valakut Breach would probably be glad to cast Farseek or Sakura-Tribe Elder on turn-1 even if it cost them a card. Just proxy a modern charbelcher deck with moxen and try playing it. This week we’re discussing popular EDH cards that were BANNED in other formats, and examining what it is that makes them so powerful. Basically, it's a Simian Spirit Guide that stays in play, rather than only giving you mana for 1 spell. (Really 2 relevant spells because chrome mox itself takes the place of a spell). No way, bro. how would affinity enable it with so few coloured non artifacts cards. Mox Opal is probably on the verge of being bannable, too, except metalcraft is a harder limitation (deckbuilding-wise) for turn-1 mana. So the decks that want this are decks that don't need all the cards in their hand to win, and have a solid degree of redundancy. I feel like slower decks would have no problem on a mull to 6 if one of those cards was a mox of their choice. Ad Nauseam would finally take its proper place as a solid tier 1 deck. I find this whole argument hilarious, because SSG has the same effect (granted-its not permanent and it's only red), but it has a similar effect in combo decks. I thought chrome mix is a non artifact non land card? When you put this card in a deck what I think you're saying is: "being able to play my cards earlier is better than having the worst card in my hand.". This card will appear in the Modern filter however this card is banned from the Modern format. Cut some aggro to make the fast unnecessarily faster? Even Jund wouldn't necessarily want it for a turn 1 Bob because you're either taking a removal or discard spell off your hand which your deck would be low on because Mox has taken over sone of the slots. Just can't work out what deck would play it that would break it. Ok, i'm not stupid, it is obviously a very powerful card in a vaccum. Burn in legacy doesn't play it, I can't imagine burn in modern does. Only to be promptly kicked aside by all the charbelchers. A subreddit dedicated to the discussion of Magic: The Gathering's Modern format! I don't think aggro really cares about chrome Mox. It can never add to your mana pool, even if the imprinted card has a colorless mana symbol in its mana cost. Popular Cards BANNED In Other Formats | EDHRECast 137, Ranking Every Mana Rock with EDHREC – Part 10: Of Mana and Moxen, Too-Specific Top 10 – A Mox By Any Other Name. The lists are either too tight or the cards are too valuable to exile. I'm not sure. If you imprinted a multicolored card, you choose one of that card’s colors each time you tap Chrome Mox for mana. Community Spotlight, The ban hammer hit them hard! Support us on Patreon! What are the most popular Commander cards that were banned in other formats? If no card is imprinted on Chrome Mox, it can’t add mana to your mana pool. If legal, what decks today would be playing it and why? OK maybe not but modern belcher is hilarious. EDHREC relies on ads to pay server costs and fund new features. Chome Mox was banned at the inception of Modern so no deck in Modern caused it to be banned. It could enable easy turn-1 Cathartic Reunion for Dredge, which would be a nightmare. (I've never played dredge before so tell me if this is wrong). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, UW Midrange, Elves and all flavours of Twin, Smells like Team Spirit, Death and Taxes, Knightfall. Infect: This seems good in situations in infect where you have too many infecters or too many pump spells. When Modern was created/defined, Chrome Mox was in the initial preemptive banlist mostly because it provided fast mana (presumably with little to no drawback or deckbuilding restrictions). The only way to justify this would be to assume that other decks get faster as well. Basically, sky's the limit with fast mana. Combo decks like storm and ad nauseam would love to have chrome mox. It will be fun and you can demonstrate to your son what the card can do (look at the deck in legacy if you want some ideas). The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. 8/7/2020. This may not be fair actually. The little blurb in the ban "announcement" mentions previous Extended metas where Bob or Bitterblossom coming down turn-1 were rather tough to come back from.

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