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cheap mic for upright bass

Then, there’s the real estate that the instrument covers (six feet tall and two feet wide). As you move the mic closer to the Upright Bass, the proportion of room sounds, reflected from behind the mic only, reduce. While multiple mics are discussed, we take a close look at the REMIC D540 CLASSIC Microphone for Double Bass, in particular. Adjust the Mic in and out to balance the room sounds. The player can make a big difference in the position of the microphone. The Shur SM57 is one of the most popular microphones around and it has been a best-selling mic ever since it was first released in 1965. The clip works together with a number of the companies goosenecks allowing you to not only place the microphones according to your taste but also taking the application and the surrounding noise into consideration. Usually, the Stand-Up Bass is played in a Live setting like a Jazz trio where is placed very close to other instruments on stage. As we said earlier these characteristics depend on the instrument, the strings, the player, and the musical style. The Mic should be a Condenser especially on a stringed instrument that’s acoustic in nature. Upright Bass Mics and Gear Discussed in this Video: David Gage String Instrumentsdavidgage.com, Applied Microphone Technology, Inc.appliedmicrophone.com, Accugroove Speaker Cabinets & Amplifiersaccugroovellc.com, Radial Engineering                                           radialeng.com. The overtones and the fine details of the double bass also require the microphone to handle high frequencies and have a high level of accuracy as well. Upright Bass For Sale on Reverb. The upright bass is capable of deep, rich, warm sounds as well as articulated, clear and melodic tones. They are the perfect application for drums, horns and in our case the Stand-Up acoustic Bass. You can adjust ambiance using mic placement. For this reason, close-miking requires a dependable mounting solution. Microphones are the tools of Songwriters. The lowest note is the E1, which is equivalent to 41Hz. Since there is usually an excess of the low end associated with the Stand-Up acoustic bass, the proximity effect is not a good event in the recording so if you have a good room your recording in, its something to consider. Shure SM57. How to Mic a Stand Up Bass for Live Performance. For Home Recording use an Omni-Directional mic that can be backed up around a foot or so. Directly in front of Bass and about six inches from the strings. An instrument’s sound is usually designed to be experienced at a distance adding space and tonal qualities that only can come from the entire body of the instrument. How to Mic a Stand Up Bass for Live Performance. Remember Microphone Place is the most important factor more than the microphone. Move it away and you can add some space and room. More than any other instrument the acoustic Bass microphone needs some space to be able to capture the wide frequencies that the instrument can produce. For example, if your lower mic is 8 inches away from the bass, then the upper microphone needs to be at least 24 inches above it. Live: Use a Condenser mic 18″ away Aimed just below Bridge or 6 “off Strings aimed between the Bridge & Fingerboard Recording: Use a Large Diaphragm Mic 6″ off the front of strings Aimed halfway between the bridge & bottom end of fingerboard or 12-18 ” away aimed at Bridge 2-3 feet away aimed at f-hole. There are a few Microphone techniques that can take advantage of the smooth low end of the Stand-Up Bass while still adding some higher-end for full frequency response. Amplify Your Sound With This Groundbreaking Alternative To A Pickup with Remic, Bass Musician Magazine on Location at Ear Trumpet Labs, Bass Musician Magazine Reviews – The Nadine from Ear Trumpet Labs, Just Ask MOMO – Software to Jam in Real-time. Close miking an instrument is often considered less than the best way and to be a compromise to the instrument’s true tonal acoustic sound. Mic … Move side-to-side to balance individual string volumes or to fight boomy resonance. “make your Original Music Sound as good as it can Sound”, link to How Are NFL Football Players Mic'd Up, DPA 4061-BM | Standard Sensitivity Mini Omnidirectional Miniature Microphone Black, Start with the 1 mic about 18 ” away from the Bass. Ideal for studio as well as live performances, the Shure Beta is a workhorse that does not disappoint. Golden Bullet Microphone for Upright Bass. Using an omnidirectional microphone is appropriate when you want to pick up the full sound of the instrument and you can maneuver it using a gooseneck a short distance away from the instrument without the proximity effect that Close miking causes. This means there will be a lot of leakage from other musicians that will be picked up by being in the same proximity as the Upright Bass and mics that recording it.

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