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bookmatched quartz slabs

The natural stones primarily used for Book-Matching are marble countertops, onyx, quartzite countertops, alabaster, and granite slabs. Choose a stone that has strong, distinctive veins that run deep through the slab, so the pattern … Installing marble this way is an expensive process; each slab has to be re-cut into thinner slices. Bookmatched quartz … The bottom photo are the two bookmatched slabs that we bought (through the fabricator). It is a great way to introduce something unique and exciting to your kitchen. Bookmatched Stone / Marble / Quartzite Statuario Classico Marble Slabs 1 1/4– Italiano SIM55 Milas Lilac marble slabs SIM6 Panda White Marble Slabs Bookmatch Onyx, in particular, is a perfect mate for a Book-Matched … Aria Stone Gallery’s showroom displays bookmatched slabs … Bookmatched Quartz Slabs - 10 Colours to Refresh Your Kitchen. Karen: Yes the top two photos is the granite as installed. Bookmatching refers to the two opposite surfaces that mirror each other. As you suggested, I've attached two photos from a greater distance (and with natural and lamp light) Its strange that "half" the seam seems bookmatched … Once the slabs are cut, the quarry can decide to polish the same side of every stone, or alternate, polishing opposite sides of the stone so that the veining in the slabs mirrors one another.

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