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blacksmithing classes maine

As a beginning student at Arrowhead Forge School of Blacksmithing, you will learn by doing, the use of the coal forge, anvil, and hand tools. New Construction, Restoration, General Repairs, Online Course options at the bottom of the page. With full quantities of hand tools and equipment  to accommodate up to eight students, each of the eight forging stations having both coal and gas forges, vise and anvil. Students will have the opportunity to create their own eating and/or serving utensils – for practical use, or with a … Email This BlogThis! We teach students both the technical and hands on sides of welding. Heritage Forge offers blacksmithing classes through The Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture. Enrollment limit: 10 FULL/Waitlist Full. We also host a traditional apprenticeship program allowing people who do not have the means to take classes but have the will to learn a very applicable and ancient trade. Supplies/Materials Fee: $60. In-Person Classes. Oxy-fuel and plasma arc cutting as well as carbon arc gouging are also taught at the school. FARMINGTON - The Western Maine Blacksmith Association is offering a variety of blacksmithing classes this fall, including intermediate level work, tool making, and bladesmithing. The Maine Blacksmith's Guild is a private organization which offers a variety of services and outreach to preserve Blacksmithing in the State of Maine for generations to come.      The New England School of Metalwork is a 501 C3 nonprofit educational facility dedicated to creating the most comfortable and motivating atmosphere possible for students to absorb knowledge in order to obtain mastery of their craft. Using mainly 19th century & earlier techniques our work catches the spirit of a bygone era, an era … Course Options. Started in 2000 and located in Auburn, Maine, the concept of the school was developed by Maine Oxy, a local welding distributor and Dereck Glaser, a local artisan Metalsmith. The New England School of Metalwork offers a unique Metalsmithing program found nowhere else. Forging and Fabricating Utensils. The New England School of Metalwork is a full 501 C3 non-profit educational facility devoted to the promotion and strengthening of metalworking skills. Auburn, ME … Keeping that in mind, the tools of our craft still can be used to break the artistic threshold and break new ground in execution, design, & style. Our goal is for the student to understand the welding process and to consistently produce strong, good-looking welds with the least amount of effort. The NESM Welding Program offers training in SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, and FCAW on a variety of materials. Our Beginner Classes are taught as process-based rather than project-based, meaning, on the first day and half we will go through the fundamentals and steps to be able to make just about anything. Level: All levels . 7 Albiston Way. We have basic and advanced courses in several processes. Only a few steps away in any direction students will find treadle hammers and two pneumatic power hammers, hydraulic forging press, post vises, belt grinders and racks of hand tools. The diverse array of nationally known instructors provide students with many options and many disciplines of artistic metalwork. We offer  a full year round selection of specialty workshops and various programs in Blacksmithing and Bladesmithing as well as featured demonstrations and symposiums. Students will make simple tools and then use those tools to make more complex projects. For more information see our Services/FAQ section. Our ever growing assortment of traditional hand and power tools provide students with the tooling required for many processes. Train in the craft of blacksmithing. You can use your VA benefit for Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing or Welding, call or email us for further information. Basics 1-2 days Develop fundamental skills. Some of the techniques taught during the 5-day beginning class are drawing out, twisting, upsetting, fullering, punching, hot cutting, riveting, bending, forge welding, and simple tool making including hardening and tempering. You can find blacksmithing schools in each state by clicking on them. After lunch on the second day, you’re free to make anything that you’d like using the skills you … Students will … Classes never exceed twelve students. Teaching traditional ironwork in ways that go beyond traditional objects is Willow's goal as an instructor. The Metalsmithing studio at the New England School of Metalwork has been designed to integrate both traditional and contemporary practices where we run both a Blacksmithing and Bladesmithing program. Fill out a “Waiver of Liability” form before you begin blacksmithing at one of our smithies. Classes & Workshops Adirondack Folk School,. We teach students both the technical and hands on sides of welding. Always treat tools in the smithy as your own. New England School of Metalwork. The more a student understands what is involved with a particular welding process the better welder he or she will become. We have a first-aid kit on premises. - Live Interactive Online Blacksmithing Classes - - Outdoor classes with our equipment at your place-- Outdoor classes with -your- equipment at your place-- Outdoor demonstrations for your conventional, homeschool, or unschool classes-All masked and distanced. Canadian blacksmith Paul Krzyszkowski offers on-site classes in his Ontario forge. The Maine Blacksmith's Guild is a private organization which offers a variety of services and outreach to preserve Blacksmithing in the State of Maine for generations to come. Our Mentors are authentic and experienced educators of this traditional skill. Where the skills of the past meet the trades of the future. We have an outstanding facility with up to date equipment.

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