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She likes the natural theme in Pocket Camp, and is described in her profile as being as sweet as her namesake. She is a white deer with purple, pink, and light cyan accents. He's also secretly a hopeless romantic. RELATED: Animal Crossing: The 10 Biggest Changes Coming To New Horizons. Although he wears both a doctor's coat and a surgical mask, he's not a doctor. Peppy villagers are always very easy to befriend, which can be a plus, although they sometimes annoy the villagers with opposing personalities. As you may know by now, every month, Animal Crossing Portal holds a poll for the most popular Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.This month is no different, and below we have the most popular Villagers for November 2020. It's not surprising she's so popular thanks to her longevity in the games. He was introduced in New Leaf. While there are always villagers that stand out in each species, Judy is unique in all of Animal Crossing. Like Julian the unicorn, she is one-of-a-kind in design and execution. He has a permanent frown on his face and looks cranky and unfriendly, so it makes sense that his phrase is "sulky." 20. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are nearly 400 total villagers. Cat. Likely appeared to resemble Tom from Tom and Jerry, this cranky villager’s goal is to become a guitarist. Now seemed like an opportune time to update this list of the best villagers from the franchise. She loves make-up, spreading gossip, and talking about herself. Historically, there have been six villager personality types including lazy, peppy, jock, normal, cranky, and snooty.However, in New Leaf, two new personalities emerged: sisterly and smug.This list focuses on the latter. Hornsby is, by far, the best Animal Crossing villager. Gorilla. Here are the 10 best villagers, ranked. Her initial phrase is "cottontail" since she's a rabbit. Tangy looks like a tangerine, complete with a little leaf on her head. From void monsters summoned from the depths of the earth to the world's most popular business cat, these are Animal Crossing… Audie the wolf is a new character introduced in New Horizons. 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It’s not hard to see why Julian is a popular character. Her home in New Leaf is modeled after a hospital's waiting room, complete with a bench, a reception desk, and a telephone. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – The Best and Worst Villagers. He can be summoned via an Amiibo card and then invited to move into the village. She's one of the only four octopi in the series, and the only female one. Her phrase is "me meow," indicating her arrogant, snooty personality. She's the type of villager you would want to be your neighbor in real life. Maple is a normal cub who has been featured in every game in the Animal Crossing series so far. June is a normal villager that was introduced as an islander in Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is Getting a Winter Update This Week. As of August 2019, there are over 472 villagers, though many of them are only included in a few games. In Pocket Camp, he enjoys the rustic theme, while his home in New Leaf is an eclectic combination of items, all set against a backdrop of a cow-skin rug, while a space-themed song plays. Even if it isn't actually a Sailor Venus reference, it's definitely unique and comic book-inspired. Villager List By Personality. One of the big selling points of the Animal Crossing series is all the interesting villagers a player can invite to their town. Updated by Madison Lennon on February 19, 2020: Animal Crossing: New Horizons is inching closer. Most of the popular characters are wolves, deer, or cats. Bird. Chevre is a goat villager with a normal personality type. For instance, Marshal is a widely popular villager that has maintained that popularity for over five years now for no real reason other than that the cute appearance and the smug personality type combination seems to resonate with players. Normal villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are often the most inoffensive personalities in the game, making perfect, if somewhat bland, inhabitants in your town.. Of course, Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t rock the boat too heavily here. Crocodile. He appears kind of cuddly and is generally well-dressed, even if he does have a bad attitude on most days. First introduced in New Leaf, he has been at the top of the popularity chart for years and is coveted by many fans. There are eight personality types, four for female villagers and four for males. Each player will have their preferred villagers based on arbitrary and personal qualities and opinions. In Pocket Camp, she likes the cute theme, and in Happy Home Designer, she requests that the player make her an underwater fantasy land.Her personality type makes it easier for players to befriend her than some others, and the uniqueness of her species makes her stand out from the crowd. Lucky is a lazy dog villager that has been a part of every game in the Animal Crossing series. There are no stats to speak of, just appearance, personality, and sometimes decor style. Honestly there are so many cute cubs to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong. She was reintroduced to the series in the Welcome Amiibo update for New Leaf, allowing her to be met by scanning an Amiibo. With a dash of personal favorites mixed in too, of course. While his species is listed as … Since the first game in the Animal Crossing series was released in 2001, it has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon that's practically taken over the world! Her colors and eyes have made her one of the most in demand villagers. Whitney was introduced in New Leaf and made an appearance in the Animal Crossing movie. If that's not enough, his laid back nature makes him easy to get along with. Ahh the normal villager. The villagers of Animal Crossing are some of the most entertaining aspects of the game. Julian’s appearance is based on a unicorn. The newest Animal Crossing installment features nearly 400 villagers. There are some unique designs, such as Merengue or Julian, that have a lot of fans due to their creative personalities and looks. She’s a red wolf character with the peppy personality. Her appearance seems to be inspired by Minako Aino (who may be better known as Sailor Venus), a character from the popular Sailor Moon series. Villager List By Birth Month. Animal Crossing: New Horizons features eight different villager personalities, comprised of normal, peppy, jock, cranky, snooty, sisterly, smug, and lazy. Since she's a cub, she's much smaller than the player, which only serves to increase how absolutely adorable she is. Cookie is a peppy villager, she likes to dance and enjoys performing, in general. Tangy's personality is peppy, she's a very friendly villager and many fans have grown attached to her over the years. In Happy Home Designer, he requests a lucky room for a lucky life. Peppy characters are energetic and upbeat and usually dream of fame or popularity. His phrase is "stuffin." Stitches stands out from the crowd because of his physical appearance, and the fact that he's one of the only three villagers who isn't technically an animal. Her decor choice is a clean, iconic style. Chief is even featured in Mario Kart 8. He has a strong resemblance to a mummy, and his home has an Egyptian theme. The best villager is, of course, pure opinion. She has the normal personality type. He is prone to talking about how cool or superior he is in certain contexts, but is friendly to the player. Lobo was even popular enough to appear on a K.K. Not only does Tangy represent a tangerine, or orange, but she tends to decorate her home with furniture modeled after other citrus fruits, too.

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