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basic machine tools and metal cutting principles

It Can Be Used Either For A One Or A Two Semester Course. MCQ No. Conventional metal-cutting is the outwardly simple process of removing metal on a work piece in order to get a desired shape by relative movement of the work piece and tool, either by rotating the workpiece (as in a lathe) or by rotating the tool (as in a drilling machine). The book covers the design consideration of metal-cutting machine, such as static and dynamic stiffness, operational speeds, gearboxes, manual, and automatic control. It should also prove useful to those concerned with manufacturing in industry. 1.00 Next Design Principles of Metal-Cutting Machine Tools discusses the fundamentals aspects of machine tool design. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. The Book Covers The Main Areas Of Interest In Metal Machining Technology Namely Machining Processes, Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Theory And Cutting Tools. Economics of machining operations and the design of components for economic machining is also … Students Of Mechanical, Production, Aeronautical And Textile Engineering Disciplines. The Book Is Intended To Serve As A Textbook For The Final And Pre-Final Year B.Tech. Basic Machine Tools and Metal Cutting Principles (Manufacturing Processes). Fundamentals of Machining and Machine Tools by by Geoffrey Boothroyd. This book is intended primarily for those studying and teaching the principles of machine tools and metal machining in universities and colleges.

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