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alternative septic systems for land that won't perk

NKY & Tri-State 859-586-7898. And I would look for something else. Of course most of these alternative systems can be signficantly more expensive than a conventional gravity-fed septic system. Researching an alternative septic system can be very confusing due to the large number of different names and types of systems. My locale won't allow a mound system. It was VERY expensive - and it is not THE most expensive out there. Owenton Area 502-484-1200. Some sites just won't support a routine septic tank and leach field. It will very likely surpass the cost of a "deal" on the land. It means that a septic system (for the sewer) can't be installed because of soil conditions. Before you buy. If the site won't perc, you will need to hire an engineer to provide an expert opinion about the types of systems that are possible and appropriate for the particular land in question. We had to get an alternative system on our property - a "drip" system. Live and learn. Serving Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and Southeast Indiana for over 30 years! No question, there won't be any more land purchases without septic permit. A realtor was involved, and the lot was presented as buildable, though not in writing. When a perc or deep test shows that the existing field area is unsuitable, and if your property is such that no secondary field is available, oftentimes an engineer will be called into alleviate the situation. Depending on your specific property conditions this can include: Aerobic systems; I have hired a consulting engineer, and, reluctantly, a real estate attorney. This ... Add to this stricter regulatory sewage treatment rules and more development on land that is less than ideal and it's not unusual to ... regulatory agencies do allow alternative systems. I wouldn't chance it. In addition, often the same type of system is referred to by different names, further complicating matters. Carrollton Area 502-732-8033. If the soil is too hard to let it drain, the system will not work. There are alternatives to standard septic systems. We have made every attempt to simplify and explain alternate septic system … Make your offer contingent on being able to install a suitable septic system. I agree. Experienced, local experts to find the alternative septic system for your site. What Does It Mean When Land Can't Be PERKED? If you can't even perk for a drip system, you are looking at big $$$$$. Find an engineer or company that specializes in alternative septic systems. The problems is not the solids, but the liquid. Get a perk test. Property has to absorb water (Perk) in order to have a septic tank installed.

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