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advertising contract pdf

x��yyXS����!��b%��In���y����TE ����MC>��l��RJ6W���?�>�ॿ��?�������O�pܮQ�3ާ'O!:=�DI��80f%�$�%�(�R�.�!��‘#����6mMV.!@0`�X+�~��V�nsj�0oufڗ�[��Dv�Xj#B(O? *;vYV��-Ԗ���Ny�!d�x 109 or e-mail cbloyer@actfl.org SELECT ALL APPLICABLE ADVERTISEMENTS The Language Educator Full Color Rates (Cost Per Issue) Ad Size 1x 4x Quarter Page $2,000 $1,640 endstream endobj 5 0 obj<>stream z>b��yUs %PDF-1.6 %���� Inspection of Books We agree that any and all contracts, correspondence, books, accounts and other sources of information relating to your business, upon reasonable prior notice, shall be ]��FO�4��d�3@oCQ���\.��7 Advertising Contract Form in PDF. "�����@L--�iM-\jad$�� 1 0 obj<> endobj 2 0 obj<> endobj 3 0 obj<> endobj 4 0 obj<>stream ?A� 3�駳kK�)4��` For sums owing but not cleared to us, you agree to be held solely liable. Download. x�'�@!��\1�N)��$�]��1zz��R[����I�7(V�40�O��(X)HW���c2����Y��|z���f��t�Jrɬi��Ҹ,�� F|4=�� +}�MoH�þFj�@64:�&�1�F���x���m2L�UI��[�R7|�uid_aCzi��d)�;�L���L*���|2�5 ������JoX�Oy�S%�9In��ECM�hd����_i�ҭ(�r�� y�O��mhפO|[�*�Ew�h"lF�M�����*���b3�}�UBj�g��S]��+" Outdoor Advertising Agreement 82 John Street Westminster, MD 21158 410-876-6800 1-866-TEVIS-OIL www.tevisoil.com. Making an advertising contract is a great way to start the actual professional relationship between an advertising agency and its clients. ADVERTISING CONTRACT . Before a company comes into an agreement with an advertising company, they’ll need to consider the arrangements of the contract. (ՓT�[���Dc� ����x��7�C� PDF; Size: 526 KB. �^w�垅�^m��}��׍aFH�mp�ds�[�ą�nXz�-)�mǥ�n�3e��R�?�yk���Q��I��/��F��KR��`�4Ƈ��`�����Z�P;��V��^�K�W�Rˤ�"F�2�U�K�ҭ.ӧҭ��J�m���r>��i��ʺ�V�Y'���b�%g,C��%t���:ݝ��%B�_�ʹv�k���#[�u�!��)PM�w։,~�{� �y����p�/^���Ry^9f�k-˙ѱ�oQ=W�3�\h&�[��߾ޜ=�~��iM���J��A�y��_r�s*F\-e��1�̸@���"����%��_|x���#�S� TELEVISION ADVERTISING CONTRACT AGREEMENT 1. }$��.�:�ʐr���F�U�s|��� �ڼ�&�GF����bX!c�6����E{�;��0�5��.�����֠X�y�r�Ķ����bA�ƭ#lE^RE����cӗl���Ͱr̴s�n�I�ѫ���7�lYn��w��a�/ew�K�P�[o�zݢ��9aϿ�9���R�,P�vV�Dz���w�ZdO�l�W�H��f�uf����lt'&Y�x��'�`Ļ�`B��~@LQ����v$��bZ>Y6+�#�ND�C�!�H0.�±�I���/��������?��#�h`"$�*%i��Fnᐜ�!��?tCrA?������}'|.^�_�ɜ��p�ԛu�O_�ݤ���UuR =;��_��;ZP��_c. ]�?|��ڼ�۬nn߬?����aw����'H&�^c�o�$^f}.|�������/F�N F+D���*�_ޯ�(������ 0�Z�~�� ���{�ٽ=�|����wF� Page 2 of 4 Sample billboard agreement.doc iii. x[V�hR� �P�ml��v�P+ Page 2 of 4 Sample billboard agreement.doc iii. Program Advertising Contract … !�� ~$�$HEp�b lV$B�iV��~�OY!� �\��k mI�2S�&d����fK�;���7�I Terms and Conditions. (���y���U��s�r���2� (p���Y�C-� @��]7,�qhk�t�~��̞��2W��%�ZU�J0aqTm���rR ��{3N�W���V�:�]�BǑ���~�z]�:^��A��5�w�o��Ґ�T�q��d�. :B.ǟErQX\P�B"RHE1����{�}�4F!��I�z4^��a��w�ܣ". �P�+T�V+��ѯ�=�W�3�s��+���,���'YZ��UG�ˋ���ǣ�,h������I� File Format. h��[�r���и�R�H�Tv%��.Wn�ڐky���E�,'����]��\`8+g���̠�ݧ�(-��Bi B9�e� amsa.org. �G Rx�4RP���^��}B �����NkI �%�ܨeҼS7�8%�Ƽ:R(�&�0�Y[T�GO�ʟs�m�N((�8r�� The following terms and conditions apply to the AMSA Advertising Contract (Contract) between AMSA, the person or entity identified as the ... PDFs must include a box that shows the placement of the video, and the other PDF is the ad without a box, which is the PDF that will ""B $@�� a� ��yEQ�ph�Zg�����m߶����p7}�o�{{�����yxxr��Yk��Z�~�E8L!X,w�a�-~���#���%^���׋W3w 17+ Advertising Contract Examples in PDF | Google Docs | Pages | MS Word. Additional Advertising Opportunities Banner placement on perimeter fencing (banner due 3/1/21) $150.00 CHECK ONE: ___ Use 2020 Copy ___ Camera-ready copy attached ___ Copy enclosed for typesetting Business cards will not be accepted as advertisements. �CH&��?�������a}�����_|��P���=%�^���=���/��|�O���#�����>`! advertising disseminated in accordance with this agreement. advertiser enters into an advertising contract for the advertising display panel(s) identified above. S� x'?b��o�gO��?߾� }��;���d}� endstream endobj 9 0 obj 2790 endobj 10 0 obj<>stream �E �yO�q=���pJ�pro�yJ�G��J~���|@�]�~ ����\92�tW�|)4�)A,�6�`��j���,k��A�1�8�I�$�Vb�0�)+e1Жi�mB�/��a.�]Ls�dҭ���,3��9���C�!Qdܐ}�����T"^��x��L�+}� v �S� c���&�t-+�MEa�%��RX�cK �! x�c`� Details. x�kh� D�� Delivery Send advertising material to: Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals Attn: Production Department 11709 Boulder Lane, Ste 110 • Austin, TX 78726-1832 An Advertising Contract is a legal document that is created when a company or an organization hires an external agency to advertise their products or services on their behalf. Online Advertising in the United States are subject to both Federal laws and specific state laws, which cover general contract principles like formation and mutual understanding. +/ ���+���s! o��_�\��o�y~����/C�����/o�����dŋ�?o�����Gv۷�wI! x��]�5�>EK|`#�>����8��8VB��!�������O\����=� KL�ݞ�r��\{�p&dû?�˫���ߚ���1����I�����"^ The Importance of Having Advertising Contract Forms. Publisher must be given written notice to cancel any contract. ��P���4����p�p�%+��X�bɊ%k��Y�fɚ%k����݁�w�`9�r���cX�a9�{�e���^�{Y�e�햵ay�ZhY�c��:�X��:�X�c��z�Y�g��G�Y�gɞ%{��Y�gɁ%�Xr`Ɂ%�Xr`Ɂ%�Yrdɑ�G��{��t'g* � � ������F�Kf/ �`/ �`/ �`/ �`/ �`/ �`/ ��,Y�d͒�A��A��A��A X2�dv`�v`�v`�v0,ٰdÒ Kf�v+`�v+`�v+`�˒ٿ��ؿ��ؿ��ؿ��KfGv4`Gv4`Gv4`Gv4`Gv4`Gv4`Gv4`Gv4`Gv4M�����p����)�{�������]?�:�n������? ������L˭�ӆ(�?�X��0�3$/EV8�=o��Rʂ�"�N>����� T̉��J��Z�YY��2����d�c~� In the event any legal action is required to collect sums due under this contract Advertiser agrees DISPLAY ADVERTISING CONTRACT DATE: Advertiser: Address: City: stAte: Zip: eMAiL: ContACt person: phone: FAx: We hereby authorize QUAntUM/sUr, inc. (publisher) to place our AdvertiseMent in The Houston Lawyer magazine (please see back page for Terms & Conditions) position: premium page inside page CoLor reQUireMent: 4C B/W spot Color Ad siZe: rAte: (x) nUMBer oF rUns: = AdditionAL ChArges … Outdoor Advertising Agreement 82 John Street Westminster, MD 21158 410-876-6800 1-866-TEVIS-OIL www.tevisoil.com. 6. AMSA Advertising Contract . Knowing that there is a document that can protect the rights of each party can make it easier for them to trust each other. The Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, in the United States, oversees online advertising and has certain requirements for areas of that advertising, such as affiliate disclosures. Contract Between an Advertising Agency and Advertiser (Commission) Date: [Client] [Address] Gentlemen: You have retained us and we hereby agree to serve as your advertising agency in accordance with and subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. This Agreement may be modified from time to time in the form of a written instrument signed by both Parties (an "Amendment"). 1689 0 obj <>stream ;Jw���ݷ����`Į��#>�J���C���.���߂��&����������ڢ�����LW[��!�]�ZJf�.��+H`�弋�_[�Ô^��a&+B��]Ov�rٜ���&�7:L�S���t+B/�~Dv�A��Kܤ���9�j'p����ʋ��E1�`d�^��� '�@[�)��<1!+Q#�7株�Į\'�u���+����Q����Ŭ�+N��c����9�b�"P���l�(���x�D��ߟ�s��f^��;�����K��D��ޢ���nI��6�,�9/��8!�D�;��R��΁H#�b����Ğ7)_��t�I./xE�Z� '�:��6Q���8cD*�Pa��i㝇� �B4���@cTb��ؔ���+k�C�X��"o�-�O��n�=��梂Cj�A���1B��{HD>0�0�W ��L5s�p��%��wZB)�H-����<4:K%T��?�>��Y�5vIǙ���./f�����,i�./��%@|��a#lk-շO~�J[D�C�%��Ku�Jc�Y��"������)>�.��2�����`^1�T��ؕkR�^% ��*V�v����h��qƒNJuR 1D�j���m�Q~b��n��̎����s�{��B %,����bn�w��q��^�F���y��Mسa�e��In�1{R����|)D���e��uS��7oU/�+'2@V�`@l�\u`K�y�{��;�}�J�,�5��@앷�3y�%�.�=�����K6hߞ6�sF����� ��\��\+fx�{V���t��΋)�Ԋo5޺A3Kj��g��3�V�N�m���W��]�]w�&�a$�a��d�S�;O�>��O�Q�'����ʹ���ݘ�C4��H��TI�������(v#�p���ZՍa�W�11������[ݞ����">��i�:������T]�[#+�H�%B�[�X�U�s�4W��㜹�J���b�C�D%�:0U�?�%��ڛ��>?a�!� ��?�؋�"訽�X*�{��knYk]q>���4f��5��H=��X�5��������(a�"o�u�vg�(�^��j�X*C�p��2"�]�#�#t�b�Td#� v�0uD@n���T�i�1=ӡ�s�*�9�lh�{��?�u/ ��;�:[�Vק�t �`�-�� ]F�YB��!�Po��rA����ү�^�c��Iϋ�yI���:�g)0��D���H�>x�O> ��,�.OBR��I]Q�6�6e�[%eВH)�f�Dpt��� ��]Lj�`�e�[1U"��a �#�Ql�䋋��F4�l���MdM��m4��[Ӽ|�yV�'N0/��u�q�AD�K��]��?I�Ah�Z'��4bI>�i̪hR(��f.������Jyܙ���� �!�"t;@��ó� n��q�b�9�+Gg���H�k�Au endstream endobj 6 0 obj<> endobj 7 0 obj<>>> endobj 8 0 obj<>stream %PDF-1.5 %���� Parties and Effective Date: This Agreement is entered into between hereinafter referred to as “CLIENT” (_____), this Agreement shall commence upon execution by the parties and continue for one (1) year and renew automatically each year for an additional one (1) year until terminated by either party as provided for in Paragraphs 4 and 5. WHEREAS, Farm A and Farm B desire to establish a non-exclusive strategic marketing agreement whereby each Party will promote the other Party's products to its customers. .g��W#���%�lK`�P&8���E�P��� �:��:����r��{{#�NT�~�4~r����̳W_�e5��Y�}���h��mR�*.",\!Z�n�:�q��+��byDX��-�!A,�ʢ�1���b�H.�FHĢmz�}��h��>�]�q\�D�\,r����o�B�q"��Q�4&$B!��/m���Dr�88?$V�e���"�8. Contract Regulations Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising deemed unsuit-able. ADVERTISING CONTRACT 2019/2020/2021 Online: www.actfl.org • Fax: (703) 894-2905 • Mail: ACTFL, 1001 N. Fairfax St., Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314 Questions: Call Casey Bloyer at (703) 894-2900 ext.

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